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The 10 ingredients to lighten your meals




Want to lighten up your meals, but never know which ingredients to use and / or replace?  


Here is the list of 10 ingredients to make your favorite recipes: 

1. Choose plain yogurt instead of cream

Yogurt is used as an appetite suppressant thanks to the proteins it contains.
You can use it to make your homemade tartar sauces, your salad dressings (with chives), in your smoothies,
  your "frozen yoghurt" or simply for your snacks. 
By way of comparison, for a portion of 30 ml, 14% fat cream provides 50 calories (4 g of fat, 2.5 g of saturated fat) while plain yogurt with 1% fat provides 60 calories. (0 g of fat, 0 g of saturated fat and 10 g of protein per 175 ml (for a much larger amount = 5 times more).



2. Chicken: choose the breast instead of the thigh  


Skinless chicken breast is a lean meat that's great for weight loss.

For 125g, it provides around 120 calories, with only 2g of fat, 0.5g of saturated fat and 30g of protein.

However, chicken thighs can be higher in calories and fat. 

For 100 g of skinless chicken thigh, it takes 170 calories, including 7 g of fat and 25 g of protein. 

The breast is therefore richer in protein, and lower in fat and calories.  



3. Always use 5% cream instead of 15% or 30% fat cream  


As much for your sauces as for your meals, simply replace your usual creams with 5% fat cream, the taste remains unchanged.  


4. Substitute applesauce instead of oil:  


For certain preparations, especially your desserts, to reduce the amount of fat, replace the oil with applesauce without added sugar.  


5. Use 1% milk instead of 2 or 3.25% milk:  


For preparations like sauces, smoothies, cereals, desserts and more, try replacing your milk with 1% fat milk.  



6.  For your breadcrumbs: All-Bran instead of commercial breadcrumbs  


Unlike store-bought breadcrumbs, All-Bran's breadcrumbs are high in dietary fiber (better for intestinal transit). 

You can use All-Bran Flakes and reduce them to breadcrumbs using a food processor.  


7. Fried foods:  If you like potato fries, try replacing them with squash or parsnip fries for example.


Unlike the potato, squash is a low calorie vegetable.

In addition, opt for baking rather than a pan. 

It is also a very good idea for your children to taste vegetables!



8. Stop using salt, and replace it with spices, which are excellent for your health.


To give more flavor to your preparations, no need for salt but quite simply spices!  


9. In some of your preparations, use the sweetener instead of table sugar.


Liquid Hermesetas is the closest sweetener to sugar. 

Use it for your cooking too (for your desserts for example).  


Go for natural and healthy seasonings.  


10. Instead of olive oil (which should not be banned but should be limited because it is very good for health), use in your salads: soy sauce, mustard, lemon juice or hot sauce .  


Learn how to vary your sauces.  



Learn how to simply lighten your recipes!  







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