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10,000 steps per day: an easily achievable goal


According to the WHO (World Health Organization), taking 10,000 steps per day is the minimum activity required to stay in shape.
10,000 steps correspond to 7.5 kilometers (one step is equivalent to 75 centimeters on average) that is to say 300 kcal (for a person of average weight and height).

This daily activity is certainly essential to prevent certain diseases such as cancer, diabetes, stroke but also for our quality of life: reduction of stress and better quality of sleep.

The French do not reach this figure, their average is 7,889 steps per day. It is therefore necessary to increase and change their habits by 3,000 steps to preserve their health.

But how to do it?  3000 steps correspond to:

- 20 minutes of jogging

- 20 minutes by bike

- 20 minutes of swimming

- 15 min of rollerblades

- 60 minutes of yoga

Physical activity does not only correspond to the practice of a recreational or competitive sport activity. In fact, it is any form of movement that results in energy expenditure. All of our activities can be translated into a number of steps . To simply increase your steps by 3000 you can do:
- 1/2 hour of cleaning

- 45 minutes of crafts

- 45 minutes of gardening

How to interpret my number of daily steps?



How to count your daily steps  ?

Your laptop has a built-in app to measure your steps. For example, the application "
  Health  »On the iphone will give you your daily figures.
However, the apps are not that precise since you don't always have the phone with you :)

If you want to be precise, opt for a pedometer (in the form of a bracelet). There are many brands: Jawbone (thin bracelet, very aesthetic and going underwater), fitbit (from Garmin) (bracelet showing the number, practical because no need to synchronize it every day to know your number of steps) and Xiaomi (also aesthetic, exists in several colors, connected to the phone, and touch bracelet).

Several studies have shown that people who wear a pedometer are more interested in their daily number of steps and tend to walk more to increase their number.

My advice to increase your daily steps without forcing too much :):

- Regularly follow your steps with a pedometer
How do I choose my pedometer? Get a useful one that you would rarely remove, so avoid the ones you need to recharge or the ones that don't go in the water. Opt for those that display the number directly on the bracelet and of course choose a color that you like

- Be a group of people: buy the same bracelet as your friend or partner and try to reach the highest number every day. Pedometer applications allow you to link and find out the numbers of your friends.

- Do not be lazy: if you are sitting or lying down and want a drink or the remote control, do not send your child to go. But go ahead you! Your daily steps will naturally increase.

- Do not be trapped by the sedentary lifestyle that our time offers us: spending time in front of the computer or a screen reduces our mobility. Get up every 20 minutes to walk and stretch your legs.

- If you don't have time: turn on the radio, and give yourself half an hour of home sports. There are many youtube videos or sports programs to get active. So no more excuses. Participating in physical activity will increase the number of steps per day by 30%.

- When possible, avoid the elevators, use the stairs, leave the car, get off a stop before or park further to walk more .

- Put all the chances on your side so as not to get bored : according to your tastes and your possibilities, vary the activities: swimming, hiking, ballad, tennis, cycling, scooter, football, boxing, cycling, skipping rope , series of abs, zumba, ...

- If you already reach 10,000 daily steps, increase your goal. Always set the bar higher in order to preserve your health.


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