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The 5 tips for eating well at a buffet  




You are invited to a cocktail party, a wedding or  a birthday but you never know how to manage the buffet: the next day, whatever happens, the scale is no longer your ally. 

Here are the 5 tips for you to reconcile with your bathroom scale.  



1. Never go hungry to a buffet


You will eat more than you really need and you will want to taste it all.

If your invitation is in the evening  :

  • have a good lunch at noon

  •   especially not to jump re not

  • And have a good snack  such as fruit and dairy (0% cheese or even 15% fat)

  • Before going out  : nibble on a bowl of raw vegetables (cucumbers…) and / or lean proteins.


2. Always start the buffet with dietary fiber


Eating a salad or raw vegetables from the buffet will "  will fill  »The stomach (with a low calorie intake)  and will decrease your desire to taste.


Create your salad by limiting the amount of fat (olive oil, vinaigrette…). Opt for spices, herbs and lemon juice to add flavor to your plate.


3. Half of your plate should consist of vegetables


To enjoy the buffet without getting fat, divide your plate in 2  : fill half with raw, steamed vegetables or salads, grilled or sautéed vegetables and the other half  : do yourself a favor.

If you want to increase your portion of "  pleasure  »Also increase your portion of vegetables  !


4. Go for lean protein


Prefer white meats, white fish, poultry, red meats, and grilled seafood, avoiding breaded proteins or in sauce.


5. If you like sweet, allow yourself a treat


Never stay on a frustration  : so learn to be satisfied with a small amount of pleasure to fully satisfy you.


Finally, don't forget to drink plenty of water during the buffet and take breaks before refilling a plate to make sure you're still hungry. 

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