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6 tips to avoid snacking at night  



Who has never had this habit of nibbling at night in front of the TV  ?


We know the consequences and yet ... it's much stronger than us  .


Here are some tips that can help you reduce your nighttime snacking.



  • Do not skip a meal during the day  :  You don't have time for breakfast or lunch  ? Don't get into this bad habit - try to grab something (easy to eat takeout)  : fruit, raw vegetables, 1 can of tuna,  hard-boiled eggs, ... Skipping a meal will subconsciously affect the next meal (s)  !


  • Allow yourself a snack  : as for breakfast and lunch, afternoon tea  : is essential. A piece of fruit or a yogurt will help you not to arrive completely hungry at dinner time.


  • Have a nice dinner  : the feeling of satiety before sleeping you avoid snacking in the evening  , so it is better to have a real dinner and not to snack afterwards rather than to eat light and rush into nonsense afterwards.  


  • Avoid buying high-calorie foods that are easy to snack on  : your desire to lose weight starts at the supermarket  : take good habits when shopping  : do not fill your cart with crisps  , peanuts, cookies, sweets ... If you buy them you will be too tempted in the evening to nibble them.   


  • Brush your teeth  : a little tip  ! as soon as you have finished dinner  : go brush your teeth  ! The taste of toothpaste is a real appetite suppressant.


  • Avoid watching TV  : we know it, the biggest night temptress is the TV  ! As soon as we are in front, we are tempted to snack on something at the same time  : Too often advertisements display foods that make us want and therefore push us to go snacking. If you want to see a family find another occupation while watching your TV  : sewing, games,….


If you can no longer lose weight, maybe you should eliminate your evening snacks ...

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