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How to make a balanced barbecue?


With friends or family, on a terrace or at home, the star of the summer is the barbecue. The best way to enjoy grilled meats, fish and vegetables.
But beware, it can turn out to be a calorie trap.



The cooking method  "  barbecue  Is often long: heat the machine, prepare the kebabs, cut the vegetables… take the opportunity to delegate to your friends or make them wait with a healthy aperitif.

What to propose?

You can present raw vegetables in sticks served with a 0% chive white cheese sauce for example.
Make beautiful verrines : shrimp / avocado, gazpacho, salmon / mango tartare, vegetable tortilla, vegetable chips ...

For drinks : go for water with fruit. Excellent in terms of taste and very good for the health. This involves simmering the fresh fruit for 30 minutes in water, without added sugar. Choose fruits like watermelon, strawberries or even cucumbers.


Cooking on the barbecue gives food a unique taste. However, care must be taken because it is a cooking method that is dangerous for health. Cooking at very high temperature results in the production of toxic molecules which are carcinogenic, mutagenic and genotoxic.
To avoid this risk, it is necessary to avoid contact between the flames and the food and to avoid the too black parts.

The choice of food?

Choose lean meats like chicken or turkey. Eliminate excessively fatty and industrial meats such as sausages and merguez.
For fish : enjoy salmon or tuna, rich in omega-3s.
For your vegetables: vary the colors and alternate with onions for more flavor.

Nothing better than a good mixed salad filled with vegetables : cucumbers, salads, green beans, cabbage ... you can add fruit: apples, pears, tomatoes ...

It is also possible to make good salads based on starchy foods : rice or pasta salad, quinoa, semolina ...

Set aside the bread for gravy. It is just as good to sauce with a tomato or cucumber :)

Beware of industrial sauces which are often too fatty, sweet and even too salty. Check the labels of your favorite sauces to verify their nutritional value. Ideally, make the seasoning yourself : do not overuse olive oil and above all rely on spices and lemon juice to enhance the taste.




To end on a good sweet touch, what better than a good fresh fruit salad flavored with orange blossom and lemon (to prevent some fruits from losing their color). It will be a refreshing dessert, ideal for this period of high heat and filled with vitamins.

Follow these tips for a complete and balanced barbecue without going without.
So fire up your barbec '!!!

1. The aperitif
2. The grills
3. Support
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