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How to do your shopping properly?  



We are often too tempted by all the delicacies during our shopping. And yet, it is easy to do without.



Here are some tips that will help you  to do your shopping easily  :


  • Eat before shopping  :

Indeed, shopping on an empty stomach will encourage you to take everything that comes your way. So if possible  : Do them in the morning, after a good breakfast or after lunch.


  • Plan your meals for the week  :

If you can take 20 minutes to plan the week's schedule and choose your favorite slimming recipes (and list the appropriate ingredients).


  • Make a list and stick to it  :

Anticipate your meals for the week to make a complete list of all the ingredients necessary for the realization of your dishes. Sort them by category (for example  : "  fruits and vegetables  "  : Tomatoes, cucumber ... "  Sauce  »: Mustard, olive oil etc.)


And you won't have unnecessary expenses :-)  


  • Learn to choose products  :

Select foods carefully. Check the expiration date. Always start with non-perishable products (such as canned goods, cereals, etc.) and finish with frozen and fresh products.  


  • Learn to read nutritional values

Reading food labels is not easy  : there is often too much information.

However, all the ingredients of a product are mentioned in decreasing order of importance (that is to say that the first component will be the one which will be present in greater quantity).


If you need to compare 2 products  : take the one with the fewest calories (and be careful to check that the nutritional values are per 100 g of product).


  • Don't stay frustrated

If you want a few chocolate squares, do not stay on a craving, it could increase your desire for treats.


Getting ready for your shopping is the best solution :-)

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