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Happy new year 2017 

My good resolutions


It's the new year and you have decided to make good resolutions  : lose weight, do more physical exercises, take care of yourself ...

EXCEPT you never last more than 2 days  ! It's always empty talk so how do I stick to it?  ?

Here are the 5 tips for good resolutions for 2017!

1. Set achievable goals
It is not useful to set goals that are too big  ! Trying to lose 15 pounds in 2 months is not a great idea  ! Quickly lost pounds are quickly regained pounds.  Aim for 800 grams to 1 kilo  per week is sufficient.  Don't choose a method that's too strict  which will only increase your frustration. Fix yourself a meal "  gala  »Per week and especially not to feel guilty  : a meal will not destroy your beautiful week of meals  balanced.

2. Write your good resolutions on a piece of paper
Write down your resolutions in your planner or on a piece of paper that you slip into your wallet. It is important to visualize it easily.
List your goals in order of importance  : more  at least important.

3. Reward yourself
To hold out over the long term, you have to know how to have fun and reward yourself  ! 
One hour of massage for every 5 pounds lost, one hour of reading in the bath, a new haircut,  … Celebrating success will help achieve your goals.

4. Surround yourself
Many studies have shown that surrounding yourself helps you stay motivated longer  !  Your husband  , spouse, friend or colleague will surely share your goal.

5. Be patient  !
If you don't succeed overnight, that's okay. Resolutions to be achieved take time  !  If you want to start the sport, do not aim for 4 sessions per week of 1 hour 30 minutes  : start with 1 to 2 times a week of physical exercise and slowly increase the intensity  ! Sport is essential to support your weight loss  (or stabilization).
If you fail, that's okay, move on and learn from your mistakes.

Make resolutions that make you happy  ! You have to be enthusiastic to be eager to achieve your goals so  : stay POSITIVE  ! And ... Happy New Year 2017

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