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How To Lower Your Bad Cholesterol Naturally?


You wish  lower your bad cholesterol without medication but you don't know how  ?


Here are the 15 tips for success without treatment.


According to the French Federation of Cardiology, 1 in 4 adults has too much cholesterol. Which corresponds to 10 million French people  !


The right numbers should be  :

    - Total cholesterol should not exceed 2g / l

    - LDL must be less than 1.6 g / l

    - HDL must be greater than 0.6 g / l


    1. Reminder  : definition of cholesterol

    Cholesterol is carried in the blood by proteins and lipoproteins.

    There are 2 types of lipoproteins  : HDL  : High Density Lipoprotein these are high density lipoproteins (says the "  good cholesterol  ") And LDL  : Low Density Lipoprotein these are low density lipoproteins (known as "bad cholesterol  ").


    2. The good cholerol

    HDL collect cholesterol which will be deposited in the arteries . These lipoproteins take care of the transport of cholesterol which circulates in the arteries to the liver for elimination.

    The HDL thus produced rids the arteries of poor quality lipid deposits. It reduces the risk of atheroma (is a deposit in the inner wall of the artery).


    3. Bad cholesterol

    LDL deposits cholesterol on the walls of the arteries and then forms atheromatous plaques . This cholesterol tends to be present on the arteries and clog them.


    4. The risks

    High levels of bad cholesterol can have serious consequences  : thrombosis, heart attacks, vascular accidents, impotence, ...


    5. The 15 tips for successfully lowering bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol.


    1. Watch your weight

    Losing weight is a healthy goal  : the extra pounds promote excess cholesterol so it is important to lose weight so that the bad cholesterol level drops.


    2.  Reduce your intake of trans fats

    Trans fats are industrial fats added to foods. They increase bad blood cholesterol.

    But which foods are high in trans fat  ?

    • All fried and breaded foods

    • Pastries  : croissant, pain au chocolat, muffins, donuts ...

    • Butter, margarine, cream,

    • Certain cheeses, yogurts and milks

    • Pizza dough, pie crusts, puff pastry ...

    • Confectionery

    • Frozen meals (already fully prepared)  : fries, pizzas, hamburger, pasta with commercial sauce, hot dogs ...

    • Commercial sauces and dressings

    • Mayonnaise

    • Biscuits

    • Chips

    • Crackers


    3. Reduce your intake of saturated fat 

    Saturated fatty acids increase bad cholesterol.

    What foods are high in saturated fat  ?

    • Foods of animal origin

    • Fatty meat

    • Butter, margarine

    • Lard

    • Palm oil

    • Frying bread

    • Coconut

    • Bacon


    4. Increase your fiber intake

    Dietary fibers naturally reduce bad cholesterol, especially soluble fibers.

    What foods are rich in soluble fiber  ?

    • The vegetables  : zucchini, asparagus, carrot ...

    • Grain products

    • Legumes  : chickpeas, lentils, ...

    • The fruits  : grape, strawberry, apple, pear,….

    • Nuts and grains  : almonds, dried fruits, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds ...

    • The Rye

    • Barley  



    5. Choose low fat dairy products

    What are low fat dairy products  ?

    • Prefer yogurts with 0 to 1% fat

    • Cheeses less than 15% (goat cheese, mozzarella, etc.)

    • Milk from 0 to 1% fat


    6. Consume fruits and vegetables regularly

    I advise you to consume the peel of your vegetables and fruits because fibers are mainly present at this level.


    7. Eat foods high in good fat

    Know that good fats do not make you fat (unless you eat too much of it obviously). So do not ban them from your diet  ! They are essential for our health and are used to lower bad cholesterol.

    • Foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids  or polyunsaturated fat:

      • Nuts, flax seeds, vegetable oils ...

    • Foods rich in omega-6  :

      • Corn, sunflower, soybean oil

    • Foods rich in omega-9 or monounsaturated fat  :

      • Macadamia nuts, almonds, herring, avocado, canola oil, peanut oil, olive oil, seeds (pumpkin for example) ...


    8. Go for legumes

    Legumes (lentils, beans, flagolet beans, etc.) are ideal because they are rich in fibers, proteins, vitamins, minerals and are low in fat.


    9. Vary your protein

    • Limit red meats  : ideally 1 meal / week

    • Avoid the following meats  : greaves, blood sausages, pork tongue, salmon roe, kidney, cold cuts, breaded meat, brains ...

    • Choose the following proteins  : skinless poultry, fish  : tuna, herring ...



    10. Stop smoking

    In addition to preventing cardiovascular problems, smoking reduces bad cholesterol


    11. Alcohol  : always in moderation

    Numerous studies have shown that moderate alcohol consumption could increase the “  good cholesterol  »From 10 to 15%. Ideally, consume 1 glass of alcohol per day but remember that they are caloric  ! therefore to limit all the more


    12. Consume garlic 

    Garlic plays a fat-reducing role so add it to all your recipes  : fish, meat, marinades, starchy foods ...


    13. Get moving

    Engaging in physical activity lowers bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol. Walking, dancing, running, swimming… choose the activity that suits you best and practice it for 30 to 45 minutes a day.



    14. Learn to read labels

    Spot cholesterol "  hidden  "In the preparations"  with eggs  "(In sauces for example) and identify the words"  butter  ","  cream  ", Where "  Egg yolk  ".


    15. Check-in regularly

    It is generally advisable to check the rate the first time at age 20, and then every 5 years until age 50.

    If you had high bad cholesterol  : take a blood test twice a year with a check of the fundus and an electrocardiogram to assess the condition of the arteries.


    To reduce your cholesterol level naturally and without medication, you must first follow a suitable diet, with a healthy lifestyle, weight control and correction of excessive sedentary lifestyle.

    One in 2 people can lower their bad cholesterol levels without medication, so why not  ?

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