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Recipe by Nathalie T.

Colin's ground steak, oriental cauliflower and a bed of lentils.



- Lentils

- Water 

- Cauliflower 

- Onion 

- Salt pepper,

- Garlic 

- Curry 

- Paprika

- Ras el hanout  




Preperation  : 

- For the minced steak: cook on a pan without fat


- To cook your lentils:  put lentils in cold water bring to a boil then cook for 2min  


- For the cauliflower: put a sliced onion in a pot then add salt pepper garlic curry cumin paprika ras el hanout cinnamon. Put the cabbage in the pot after having previously cleaned it and cut it into small bunches. Add a good quantity of water then let simmer quietly

- Easy and light recipe and ... Bon Appétit! ;)


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