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How to stabilize your weight effortlessly?


Stabilization can be a frightening step. And yet… it's the one we should appreciate the most: our goal is reached , we feel good, the old extra pounds are far away, and we don't want them to come back.
For this it is very important to go through the stabilization phase.

1. Develop good habits: so far, you have lost a lot so you know which foods to favor and which to avoid. So keep applying whatever you've learned that caused you to lose. Habits are automatic actions, reflexes that we do without thinking about it. Bad habits take us back while good habits move us forward and keep us going more easily.

2. Food selection: in stabilization, this is where you can add the products you prefer. If you want to change the brand of a product you can BUT as you go. For example: start the first month by changing the brand of rusks or bread you prefer. Then the following month, add from time to time a snack that you like: almonds for example, etc. The body must be allowed time to assimilate this change.

3. Vary: It is important to always vary your diet. During your loss, you varied your meals, so continue :) you should never fall into a routine. Always make beautiful presentations that make you want to eat.

4. Knowing how to have fun: Until then, you had fun from time to time (once or twice a month). Continue to indulge yourself once a week for example: but from the meal after knowing how to compensate and catch up.

5 . Watch the scale: continue to weigh yourself once a week. Set yourself a specific day. For example on Mondays and every Monday as soon as the weight is stable, keep your good habits. And if the needle of the scale has increased, do 1 or 2 days (depending on the catch) boost :) to go down to the desired weight.

6. Eat a little more: if you want to increase your amounts of starchy foods for example, do it gently :) Increase your portions by 30% : if you used to take 3 tablespoons of starch per meal, add a spoon without gaining weight.

7. The stabilization phase does not work: If you notice that your weight increases by one or 2 kilos at the beginning of your stabilization, do not panic it is just an increase in the amount of glucose and water stored. in your body , but your appearance will not change. If the scale number is important to you, then aim for a kilogram less than your goal. However, if you notice that your weight increases by more than 2 kilos, it is because you are eating too much . Reduce to increase gradually later.

8. If your weight is stable, the amount of food is correct, so continue on this path.

After your weight loss, you can increase your intake of soft drinks, dairy products, or even sugary foods. Be careful, this does not necessarily mean increasing ALL your food intake: it is enough simply to eat a little more than during your weight loss phase. Remember you are in control of your line :)) You have already experienced weight loss,  so don't panic, you can.

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