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Detox after the holidays!

in 9 days



The first celebrations are over ... and you have overused the foie gras, the log, and you don't dare step on the scale for a few weeks. Don't panic, everything is FATABLE!


Here are the 6 golden rules for eliminating toxins and extra pounds.


1. The post-holiday mini fast.
As normal as a Slimming Coach, I would never have advised you to do a long-lasting detox. Indeed, the latter slows down the mobilization of fat reserves and increases the formation of toxins. So is not ideal if you want to lose a few pounds.

But after parties and therefore cumulative meals, a mini - fast of 16 hours would be ideal to eliminate this "  overfull ".
This will reduce the caloric intake of the day without causing deficiencies or muscle wasting.

° What to do?
Every other day - for a maximum of 9 days - eat normally for breakfast and lunch, end your day / meal at 4 pm with a snack: fruit / yogurt.
To evacuate toxins and cover your needs, don't forget to hydrate yourself.

2. Sugars and fats: consume them yes but limit them
Avoid all sugars from sweet products and fats from animal products. They are the vectors of triglycerides.
Limiting them will lighten the work of the digestive organs and therefore they will have the ability to boost the elimination of waste and accelerate the decrease in the blood level of fats.

° What to do?
Eliminate fatty meats, fatty fish: herring, red mullet, salmon, tuna,… cheeses and sauces.
Choose your fats by favoring vegetable oils rather than cream or butter.
Do not add sugars to your food, and limit yourself to 2 fruits for 9 days.

3. Increase your fiber consumption: substances that cannot be assimilated by the body and play an essential role in digestion and elimination

Reminder: There are 2 types of insoluble and soluble fibers.

The former (insoluble fiber) promote intestinal transit and protect against constipation. They are the ones who eliminate waste and residues.
The second (soluble fiber) regulates cholesterol and blood sugar levels in the blood. It is the latter which have a lasting satiety effect and which will promote your flat stomach.


° What to do?
Eat a good amount of vegetables for lunch and dinner.
Prefer starchy foods and whole or semi-complete bread and alternate with legumes (chickpeas, lentils, etc.).

4. Avoid  cravings, fatigue and decreased muscle wasting
To avoid this phenomenon, it is necessary to nourish the muscles. Proteins will therefore fulfill this role: they help maintain muscle mass and prevent cravings.
However, be careful not to consume TOO MUCH: too much consumption will promote the production of toxins (uric acid).

° What to do?
Eat one serving of lean protein every 3 meals.
Favor animal proteins (meat, fish, eggs, etc.). Complete with lean dairy products (0%, plain).

5. Bet on foods rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
To flush out toxins and keep fit, certain micronutrients are essential.
For example, potassium (with limited sodium consumption), accelerates diuresis and fights against water retention.

° What to do?
Eat foods with a high ORAC index (measures antioxidant action) at each meal: such as colored fruits and vegetables (beetroot, carrot, etc.), green tea, garlic, spices and fresh herbs.

6. Practice or continue a sport activity
Above all, do not give up! If you haven't started yet, there is still time.
Increase your basal metabolism to burn more calories, without increasing your portions during meals.

° What to do?
If you don't do any activity: Each week, do a little more. Start with walking for 30 minutes a day, then do some cardio  40 minutes, twice a week, then three times ...
If you already practice an activity: continue and challenge yourself by increasing your limits.
All occasions are good to recover from your excesses.

Typical example of the day after a holiday:
1 glass of lemon juice 15 minutes before breakfast Buttered toast, green tea 0% yogurt
Snack 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.: 1 fruit and / or a yogurt 0% in case of hunger and dried fruits
Lunch and Dinner:
Bet on vegetables: rich in optimal fiber and have an anti-acid power. The evening eve may be lacking in this category of food so anticipate and compensate by balancing the daily intake.
Serve your vegetables with white proteins: white fish, white meat ... And if you can avoid fat (to compensate with dinner).
You can optionally add whole grains, oilseeds and dried fruits.

For dinner you can choose to do a mono-diet, once a week. Choose a detox vegetable: artichoke, beetroot, carrots or black radish and consume it at will for dinner. This mono diet will close your stomach and relieve your digestive tract which will have been over-stimulated the day before.

Don't forget to hydrate yourself: unlimited water, herbal tea and tea at any time of the day :)

Do not hesitate before bedtime to take a thyme tea to eliminate toxins more easily.

Here are the new rules to adopt in 9 days to make up for the gaps at the end of the year. As long as you don't stack up the holiday dishes and space out the pleasures with detoxes, you won't be afraid to get back on the scale. The body handles deviations very well as long as they are occasional :)


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