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Popular idea: Light dinner in the evening






Too often I hear my patients tell me  : "  I'm not going to dinner tonight  to make up for my lunch  " , Where "  I don't understand I didn't eat anything last night ...  ". SKIP DINNER won't make you lose weight  !


Under the pretext that we move more during the day and that in the evening, we sleep (without moving), we must eat copiously in the morning and in the evening and we must not or little eat in the evening. This reasoning ignores essential data  : the duration of the fast  !


Indeed, the time spent without eating is longer between dinner and breakfast the next day than lunch and dinner the same day. However, at night even if we are not moving, our body performs its essential functions (the lungs breathe, the heart beats, the liver works…) and therefore burns calories.  


In the end, we burn more calories at night than during the day  ! The evening meal is therefore as important as the midday meal because it will be digested and used by the body as well.


Dinner should be a moment of relaxation and sharing. Especially since some people cannot take a 30-minute lunch break all the time.


A good dinner will improve the quality of your sleep, if you don't eat too much fat  !



So eating more in the evening than at noon is not bad  : neither for health, nor for the line. Eat at every meal (no meal should be forgotten)  is the key to a beautiful figure  ;)

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