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What mistakes not to make

when you want to start

a diet to lose weight?


You are trying to lose weight on your own and the scale does not go down and yet you put in a lot of effort. Maybe you are making one of the mistakes mentioned below?

1. Lack of plan
This is THE rule to carry out your diet: plan your shopping list, your meals and cook. Even if you don't have the time, there are plenty of meals you can eat in less than 10 minutes. So take the time on Sundays, for example, to plan your menus for the week.

2.  To be in a hurry
You are hoping to lose 2-3 pounds per week and you don't see the scale going down so quickly. It is a mistake !
Don't try to want to lose too quickly , you will get discouraged and give up quickly!
The more slowly you lose, the less the lost pounds will be taken back (over the long term): so be patient and aim for 1 kilo per week.


3.  Skipping meals
You will tell me  'it doesn't make sense' but if you stop eating you won't lose weight on the contrary, you will store. The body goes into starvation mode and will store more fat at the next meal. To lose weight, you have to eat. Eat well: balanced and varied, but above all, you must not stop absorbing the slightest nutrient.

4.  No physical activity
It is true that the share of sport in a diet is only worth 20% . However, physical activity is essential: Increase your steps per day, add muscle activity, cardio, in order to create a deficit between the calories absorbed and the program you are following.  


5. Someone Else's Diet
We're all different, a diet that worked on a friend might not work on you. Each body acts and reacts differently to a diet. If you want advice or a personalized program, do not hesitate to contact me.


6. Stop eating starchy foods
This category of food is essential to carry out a successful diet.
Starchy foods are often banned from diets and yet they provide a large part of the energy that our body needs . Starchy foods are vital:  they allow the body to be efficient in the event of physical or intellectual effort thanks to their carbohydrate contribution.
And thanks to these complex carbohydrates, starches allow us to be full and avoid snacking between meals. It is therefore essential not to ban this category during a diet.
Starchy foods are not limited to breads and pastas! In truth, they constitute a large family of foods of plant origin. Three categories stand out: cereal foods (semolina, rice, pasta, corn, etc.), pulses (red beans, flageolet beans, chickpeas, etc.) and potatoes (and all that derives from them: fries, mash, …).
You can therefore eat bread without depriving yourself of it, because contrary to popular belief, it does not make you fat. 1 / 8th of a baguette, or the amount you eat with a meal, is equivalent to 35 calories. So eat it at every meal, maybe not but from time to time yes. You just have to choose it well! Ideally, consume it whole, with grains, rich in fiber and vitamins.


7. Consume low-fat products
“Light” products are all the rage and yet they don't always keep their promises.
Before incorporating any light food into your diet, find out about its composition by reading its nutritional label.

8. You weigh every day
Weighing yourself every morning is not ideal. Two possible cases: if you have lost weight overnight, you can quickly give up and if you have not lost (or little) you can get discouraged.
You will be more proud of yourself with a loss over one week than over one or two days. So every day is a victory but look at the long term: treat yourself once in a while if you feel like it.

9. Being hungry
One of the most important factors in giving up on a diet is hunger . This is why we must not let ourselves starve to lose weight. Eat your 3 meals during the day and 2 snacks . It will be easier for you to say no to temptations.

If you want to run your diet for a period of time, avoid making these mistakes that will lead to failure .


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