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My fridge is empty, what should I do?  


You come back from vacation and your fridge is empty, what to do?  


Do not panic, you can completely continue to lose weight and especially to catch up if necessary the pleasures of the holidays without your fridge being full.  


Let us distinguish 3 main categories of food:  


  • Fresh products: butcher's shop, vegetables, fruit ...  


  • Grocery products : all spices, seasonings, and foods that can be stored at room temperature


  • Frozen products: which can be meals prepared upstream by you or products purchased from the frozen section of the supermarket.  



We are therefore going to talk about these last 2 categories for these days when the fridge is empty.



- Preserves : just like frozen products, preserves should not be neglected. This is because canned vegetables do not lose their vitamins and minerals. Between the moment the vegetable is harvested and the moment it is packaged, a few hours elapse. Thus, canned foods such as: green beans, mushrooms, asparagus, leeks, artichoke hearts, peas, lentils, corn… are very interesting and are essentials to have in your cupboard.

In this same category, you will find fish such as canned sardines, mackerel, herring, tuna… Fatty fish but rich in fat-soluble vitamins and monounsaturated fatty acids. Always go for natural or lemon ones but avoid  those that are too high in fat (oil).

- Starchy foods: pulses, pasta, rice: excellent sources of carbohydrates and essential for a balanced diet. Prefer the most complete if possible: brown rice, pasta with whole semolina ...

- Dehydrated products : instant soups in sachets, for example, which are convenient to store, take away and prepare. Read the labels carefully and do not exceed 7g of carbohydrates and 1g of fat per 100g.

- Spices, herbs, oils and vinegars to enhance your dishes: oregano, curry, cumin, dill ...

Contrary to popular belief, frozen fruits and vegetables provide as much or more vitamins and minerals than fresh ones . Vitamins are fragile and are easily destroyed in light and when stored in the open. Freezing is an ideal preservation method because it preserves the nutritional qualities while retaining the taste of the food as it is quickly processed. Harvesting, washing and storage times are quick. The industrial process therefore makes it possible to limit vitamin and mineral losses. This is why a frozen vegetable can provide more vitamins than a fresh product that stays on the shelves of a supermarket for several days. The same goes for frozen meat and fish which are already prepared: peeled, sliced ...

In his freezer, before your departure, do not try to finish "  Leftovers  »And always have the following products:

- frozen vegetables : already peeled and cut: slices of carrots, leeks, zucchini, sliced onions, cauliflower in florets ...

- Frozen fruits: mango, strawberries, red fruits, ...

- Frozen meat and fish: minced steak 5% fat, cod fillet, sea bream,  poultry….

- Chopped aromatic herbs: to add flavor to your preparations


- Your dishes prepared beforehand: always try to have a ratatouille ready, a homemade tomato sauce and be careful with certain foods such as potatoes that do not freeze.

All of these products are great alternatives to fresh produce and will make you  especially after returning from vacation.

Finally, it is therefore very easy to make balanced meals with an empty fridge.
From the starter (soup, asparagus in dressings, leeks, ...) to dessert (frozen mango, strawberries, or compote ...) through the main course (rice / tuna salad, white fish / pan-fried vegetables: zucchini, steak chopped 5% / pasta with homemade tomato sauce ...

Throughout the year between your professional life, family life, and multiple activities, it is sometimes difficult to find the time necessary to do your shopping and stock up on fresh produce .
So you no longer have any excuses to keep your figure or continue your started diet because even with an empty fridge it is quite possible to eat balanced.



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