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How to prepare before the holidays?


Each year the same menu is available: foie gras, smoked salmon toast, cheeses, Yule log, tarte tatin or other sweet desserts.


The holidays are fast approaching and you are already starting to panic: how can I take care of my figure? how to do not to resume? which menus to establish?

For you, I will tell you everything to do and avoid 2 weeks before D-Day and I will prepare you for these essential parties.

We cannot say NO to his meals with families or friends, where we are all gathered, with beautiful festive outfits, in the joy and see the happiness of the children when they open their gifts ...

But how do you allow yourself these delicious pleasures and get rid of all guilt? 

For that, you have to start 14 days before… Prepare your body for these hearty meals.

My advice:

Lighten your diet without banning one or more food category (s) : do not remove starches or fats. You will store more on D-day.

1. Prepare your digestive system: choose low-fat foods that are digestible. Avoid fried foods which can cause bloating.

2. Do you cook light dinners: focusing on white proteins and vegetables .
Regarding proteins: cook fish, chicken ...
and for your vegetables: avoid acidifying vegetables. Opt for diuretic vegetables: such as artichoke, fennel, leek, cabbage ...

3. For your desserts: opt for fresh cheeses, 0% yogurt  and preferably cooked fruit (a baked apple for example).

4. Anticipate your shopping : Do not go shopping on an empty stomach and above all make a list beforehand: with lots of fruits and vegetables :)

Eliminate waste and toxins:

5. Drink a lot: Try to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day . Try water with fruit if you don't like water and consume herbal teas or teas whenever you can. The more you drink the more toxins you will eliminate.

6. Our organism is endowed with organs called emunctories. They are responsible for draining toxins and during the holidays because of the excess, they have a surplus of work. So that their work is carried out,  it is better to drain them two weeks before. Thus, your liver will better metabolize sugars and fats, which will be better emulsified in the gallbladder. Your intestinal transit will be facilitated, as will your urinary elimination.

Adopt the right slimming reflexes

7. Sleep: it is important to sleep well , lack of sleep at the end of the month will endure excess even less well. Try to go to bed and wake up at the same time, and preferably sleep 8 hours a day.

8. Get moving: Although the weather is not right, go for a walk and if you feel too cold, warm up in the gym: alternating cardio and weight training.

Next week I will tell you how to deal with D-Day: with all these festive foods and especially how not to be frustrated.  


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