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The fruit of the month of May:



Many of you are impatiently awaiting this delicious red fruit: La Framboise!

It is the fruit of a small shrub called the raspberry tree. The outer surface of the fruit is covered with microscopic hairs which give this fruit this velvety side.
It can be enjoyed as a dessert  , as whole fruit or as a coulis, but is just as good in salads as a starter.

Nutritional Benefits:

- Raspberries are not very sweet with 5.5% carbohydrates. It is therefore low in calories: 42 calories per 100 g.

- When it has a well-marked color, it is because it has reached maturity and it is at this time that its vitamin C is at the maximum : 25 g per 100 g. However, it is a delicate fruit, which can only be kept for 2 -3 days.

- This fruit contains a significant amount of fiber and thanks to its small grains which are rich in cellulose, raspberries are ideal for transit. It is therefore favorable to weight loss, because not only does it suppress hunger , but in addition, it will allow rapid mobilization and burning of fat.

- Raspberries are known to be the fruit richest in ellagic acid , a polyphenol with antioxidant properties.

- Finally, raspberries contain a good amount of pectin which helps to tighten the tissues and thus reduce the effects of cellulite. So that makes raspberries one of the best natural allies to lose weight and strengthen your body for the summer.

There are many gourmet and light recipes that you can make with this fruit. From millefeuilles to sorbet, here is my favorite recipe with this fruit.

Raspberry - chocolate verrine

Ingredients for 1 person

- 25 g of dark chocolate
- 100 G of white cheese at 0%
- 2 tablespoons of raspberry jelly


Nutritional values for one serving: 229 calories  including: 132 calories for dark chocolate, 48 calories for cottage cheese and 50 calories for raspberry jelly

Melt the chocolate in a bain marie
Mix 50 g of fromage blanc with the melted dark chocolate and the rest of the fromage blanc with the raspberry jelly.
Fill your verrine by alternating a layer of cottage cheese / chocolate, a layer of cottage cheese / raspberry.
Finish with a mint leaf to decorate and enjoy this delicious dessert. 

Easy and light recipe .. and Bon Appétit! :-)


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