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The alcohol

The holidays are just around the corner and you don't know how to approach alcoholic drinks.   

Here are the answers to your questions....  


  • Figures and comparison  




       Drinks           Calories         sugar  



         Beer               140                    7  


        Calvados             100                    5

          4 cl

        Champagne          80-120                  5  


         Cognac               200                   10

           4 cl

          Water                 0                    0


        Martini or             210                   10  

        Pina colada  


           Wine                100                   5  

          12.5 cl

          Vodka              100                   5

         1 glass


       Whiskey + Coke           235                   12  

         1 glass





The alcohol that is the lowest in calories is the  CIDER  with roughly  60 kcal for a glass.


  • How the body works when drinking alcohol  


First of all, it should be understood that alcoholic beverages are composed mainly of alcohol and sugar so the calorie intake is important. Unlike other energies (such as lipids or proteins), alcohol is not essential for our body. These are called empty calories : they are not used for physical effort or reflection. They even strengthen the storage of fatty and sugary foods!  

The calories provided by alcohol are burned before those of fat! It doesn't prevent weight loss, it just delays it.  

Let me give you an example: if you consume alcohol with crisps, the body will use alcohol for energy rather than fat and store the extra calories provided by the crisps in adipose tissue.  


Coach's advice:


It is quite possible to reconcile diet and alcohol, if it is not frequent!


  • Drink alcohol, with a dinner consisting of only protein and vegetables cooked with little fat. Indeed, alcohol does not make us feel satisfied (since it is not stored by the body and therefore it opens the appetite!).  Never combine CARBOHYDRATES (that is to say carbohydrates) and ALCOHOL: which will make you fat.


  • Do not accumulate watered days / evenings: limit yourself to 2 times a week, and drink only 1 to 2 glasses per day.  


  • Avoid associating alcohol with fruity drinks or syrups that are loaded with sugar. Example: Margaritas have over 500 calories (for a drink) and about 80 grams of sugar! If you like margaritas, a little advice: do less with tequila and lemon juice  


  • If you like beer, I recommend taking darker ones which contain more nutrients (especially B vitamins and antioxidants) than light beers. So take 1 or 2 dark beers rather than 6 lights.


  • Try to move while drinking, dancing for example.  


  • If you feel hungry after the party, take some vegetables / raw vegetables and protein (such as  : chicken cutlets, a tin of tuna, julienned vegetables etc.), avoid sweets or small snacks (such as crisps, biscuits).


Enjoy your New Year's Eve, drink in moderation, do not deprive yourself and promote alcohol with proteins and vegetables  !

Never mix alcohols with syrups, juices, tonic (such as schwepps), or non-diet soda BUT with seltzer water, diet tonic and diet sodas.

On the other hand, if during a diet, you see your weight stagnating, stop the consumption of alcohol.



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