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In recent weeks you have noticed that the artichoke season has arrived!


But do you know this vegetable well  ? Its benefits  ?

How to cook it  ? For you, all the answers to your questions  ...



This vegetable is a domesticated and cultivated thistle whose inflorescence is consumed before the flowers develop.


      - Its nutritional properties:  


It is certainly richer in carbohydrates than the average of other vegetables with 7.6%. It provides 40 kcal per 100 g. Some of the carbohydrates are in the form of inulin, which cannot be assimilated and which acts as a fiber and is fermented by the bacterial flora of the colon.


Inulin is qualified as a prebiotic which has a beneficial action for the transit but beware of too large a quantity, the artichoke can cause  intestinal disorders.


The artichoke is above all an antioxidant thanks to its phenolic compounds,  it prevents certain diseases including cancer. It is also rich in potassium ( which promotes renal elimination), rich in iron, calcium and magnesium.

Not to neglect  : Folate is strongly present which is favorable for pregnant women during the first trimester of pregnancy.


If you have water retention , do not hesitate to consume this vegetable  !


        - Recipe ideas  :


  • As a starter or as an accompaniment  : boil this vegetable in salted water and serve it with a homemade vinaigrette  : vinegar, lemon juice  , olive oil and mustard. Another idea for sauce  : mix the eggplant (baked in the oven beforehand), artichoke funds, sundried tomatoes, a vegetarian bouillon cube, garlic and parsley.  


  • Sauce for your pasta  : garlic and olive oil and sauté artichoke bottoms (you can add mushrooms and parsley).


  • Artichoke cream  :Recipe  : Ingredients  : Artichokes, 1 white onion, 1 tablespoon of 15% fat cream, salt, pepper and parsley. Preperation  : Melt the onion in a non-stick pan. Add the artichokes. Once golden, add water and allow to boil. Cook for 15 min  . Mix and add the cream and herbs.  


  • Stuff  : remove the leaves from the outside and split it lengthwise until halfway up. You can stuff it  : onions + celery, or mushrooms + onions  , but also meat, seafood  or fish. You can add cheese and brown it  !

















  • For cheese lovers  :


Recipe  : Ingredients for 4 people - 110 kcal per portion

  • 2 artichoke bottoms per person

  • 150 g of 45% fat goat cheese

  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil

  • ½ lemon juice

  • Salt, pepper and chives

    Preperation  :

  • In boiling salted and lemon water  : put your artichokes and cook for ten minutes.

  • Turn on your oven grill

  • In a bowl  : mix the goat cheese, olive oil, chives, salt and pepper.

  • In a baking dish, place your artichokes and spread the cheese mixture over them.

  • In the oven for a good 5 minutes, brown everything.

  • Serve hot

  • Easy and light recipe… and Bon Appétit  !




The artichoke will be the seasonal vegetable until the end of September so take advantage of its benefits, cook it and innovate your culinary preparations.  ! 

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