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The sport  


It is very hard at the start of a diet to combine DIET with SPORT. However, after a few weeks of a well-established and balanced diet, it is better to have regular physical activity.



  • Sport is very good for HEALTH  !


Certainly,  physical activity promotes the success of weight loss but it also reduces the risks associated with overweight.

For diabetes: sport reduces the level of sugar in the blood, facilitating its penetration into the muscles where it will be burned during exertion.

For the person with high cholesterol, training lowers it by increasing GOOD cholesterol.

Sport also reduces fat in the abdomen, which is the most dangerous for health.


The ideal is 30 minutes of walking (gardening, stairs, ...) every day and sport 3 times a week.



  • At what time of the day to exercise  ?


It is better to choose the time when we are going to practice a sport. Indeed, it is necessary to have finished its digestion (this one lasts approximately 2 hours after a breakfast and 4 hours after a lunch and / or dinner)

Ideal times  : around 11 a.m. and 5 p.m.



  • What to eat during the meal before physical activity  ?


For the meal preceding the workout, try to respect the basic rules of food balance, that is to say  : meat / fish / eggs + vegetables + starchy foods (however to be limited) + dairy + 1 fruit.

Above all, do not ban starchy foods, they are the ones that will provide you with the energy you need for your future activity.

Fruits are also very important because they are the ones that will provide carbohydrates (energy contributions necessary for a workout).

DON'T WORRY if you take lean meat, typical 0% dairy and a reasonable amount of starch, YOU WILL NOT GET FAT.  ! (the only caloric food will be oil, that is to say the fat).



  • SPORT cuts your appetite  ? this is completely normal but do not fall into the trap  !


Immediately after sport, it is essential to take a protein and carbohydrate snack (example  : 1 fruit and 1 yogurt, a high protein bar ...), do not think that you will take back your lost calories because on the contrary, this accelerates weight loss. The body, after a workout, will not use the nutrients to store them as fat, but will use them to strengthen (increase) the muscles and since the latter are constantly spending energy, this allows increase the number of calories burned daily.

Did you know  ?

When you do a one-hour workout, your body continues to burn 30 minutes later, so take the opportunity to have your snack.  !

So don't listen to your body  : (it is a biological phenomenon due to the secretion of hormones) If he is not hungry after a workout, he  needs to eat to recover.

Remember to drink ABUNDANTLY  !



Tips for playing sports "  unconsciously  "  :


  • Choose your stairs, rather than the elevator.

  • Do your shopping on foot rather than in the car

  • Park away from where you want to go

  •   Etc.






SPORT is VERY GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH for all people on a diet (or not).


So WALK and MOVE  !




If you want to vary your exercises,          

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