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The 10 ingredients to lighten your meals 



Don't suddenly change your eating habits, stick to your favorite recipes, and follow these few rules. 

Learn how to replace your less healthy ingredients with more nutritious ones.  


1. Plain yogurt instead of cream  



                     14% cream           1% plain yogurt    

                       for 30 ml                 For 175 ml  


Calories                 50 kcal                   60 kcal     

Lipids                    4  g                      0  g

Saturated fat              2.5 g                      0  g  




For a quantity 6 times more important, the natural yogurt wins at the nutritional level. It also brings a bitter taste and thanks to its 10 g of protein (for 175 ml), yogurt is a formidable appetite suppressant.  


Use it to make your homemade tartar sauces, your satay sauces (with peanut butter, garlic, ginger, etc.) or simply in your smoothies or as a snack.


2. Chicken breast instead of the thigh 

Skinless chicken breast is an ideal lean meat for weight loss.


                      Chicken thigh         Chicken breast    

                        100  g                     100  g


Calories                170 kcal                   120  kcal     

Lipids                    7  g                      2  g

Saturated fat                                      0.5  g 

Protein                 25 g                      30  g




Chicken breast is higher in protein, lower in fat, and lower in calories.



3. 5% cream instead of 15% or 30% fat cream

For your sauces or your meals, replace the cream 15 or 30% for the cream 5% mg You will simply reduce the calorie intake of your recipe.  


4. Applesauce instead of oil

When cooking desserts, try to reduce the amount of fat. To do this, replace your oil with applesauce without added sugar (you can start by reducing the oil in half in a recipe with applesauce).  


5. Squash or parsnip fries instead of potato fries

A good recipe for getting your kids to eat vegetables. 

Cut your vegetables into sticks and add the following spices: coriander, thyme, basil, sweet paprika, parsley, pepper with a tablespoon of olive oil and half a teaspoon of sugar. Bake 25 to 35 minutes in the oven.  


Unlike potatoes, squash is a low-calorie, gluten-free vegetable and with this recipe your fries will be low in fat.  


6. Herbs instead of salty, sweet or salt sauces

To give more flavor to your dishes, stop salting your dishes but opt for fresh or dry spices such as cumin, paprika, basil, coriander etc.  


7. A healthy and nutritious seasoning instead of olive oil 

Bet on soy sauce (do not overdo it anyway because it is very salty), or mustard, a spicy sauce, lemon juice, or citrus zest ...  



8. Tofu sausages instead of hot dog sausages  



                 1 cold cuts sausage      1 tofu sausage    

                        38 g                      46 g


Calories                100 kcal                   60 kcal     

Lipids                    8 g                      1 g

Saturated fat              2.5 g                     0.2 g 

Protein                 5 g                      9 g



Tofu sausages are more nutritious and provide fewer calories.  



9. All-Bran breadcrumbs instead of commercial breadcrumbs


Avoid industrial breadcrumbs! Use All-Bran breadcrumbs that are higher in dietary fiber.  


Homemade All-Bran Bread Crumb Recipe: Reduce All-Bran Flakes / Cereal using a food processor. Add pepper and dried herbs.  



10. Nutritious dip for your raw vegetables instead of commercial dips

The commercial dips that go so well with our vegetables and chips are not healthy alternatives that will help you lose weight.

Simply mix 0% yogurt with chives, a very easy and healthy recipe!  



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