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All about almonds


Almonds are nuts that belong to the oilseed family.

Oilseeds are plants cultivated for their seeds or fruits rich in lipids and from which edible oils are extracted. For example, we can extract a (vegetable) oil from: walnut kernels, peanuts.…


1. Almonds satiate the appetite: FALSE
There is no study to prove it. If it cuts your appetite, it's just that you take a product that contains oil.

2. Almonds contain a lot of fiber: TRUE
100 g of almonds - 13 g of fiber
But be careful because we are talking about 100 g of almonds that is to say 550 calories. So if you consume 10 almonds that is 8g, you only have 1.04g of fiber (40 calories).

3. The protein in almonds is of good quality: TRUE

Of course, almonds are rich in good proteins, but be careful because we only eat them in small quantities.

4. Almonds are rich in omega: TRUE AND FALSE
The fatty acid called oleic acid or omega-6 are beneficial for health and are found in almonds: 12% exactly. However, these are low in omega-3.

5. Almonds keep well: FALSE

Ideally, they should be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

6. Almonds have a low blood sugar index: TRUE

As you have understood, almonds have many benefits, if they are consumed in large quantities and unfortunately in large quantities they are caloric .

So if you like this fruit, consume it but sporadically.


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