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Nothing better than natural appetite suppressants



In pharmacies, drugstores or even supermarkets, there are many appetite suppressants in the form of capsules. But the latter are not that effective.

There are many natural appetite suppressants to promote. But which are they  ?


  •   To avoid hunger between meals


Slow sugars - known as complex carbohydrates - help prevent cravings during the day. Indeed  , they provide long-term energy, thanks to their slow absorption.

Fast sugars provide energy quickly. They do not promote satiety and increase the level of glucose in the blood (spike in blood sugar). So to avoid  !



  • Where to find slow sugars  ?

Slow sugars are all starchy foods (bread, pasta, rice, etc.) but also pulses (beans, broad beans, lentils, peas, etc.). The latter are to be preferred since they are low in lipids.


  • Foods rich in fiber should be preferred


The fibers tend to swell in the stomach hence this feeling of satiety and therefore helps to avoid 'cravings'.  



  • Where to find foods rich in fiber?

Foods rich in fiber are mainly foods of plant origin. Such as fruits, raw vegetables  , vegetables, whole starches, whole grains.


  • Choose foods rich in protein


For a lasting feeling of fullness, opt for proteins that are slowly digested by the body.



  • Where to find the proteins?

Protein is found in all foods except oil and sugar.

The proteins can be of animal origin and of plant origin.


  • Proteins of animal origin:  poultry,  offal,  cold cuts,  Pisces,  seashells  and shellfish, Fermented cheeses  , Egg  yogurts  and  fresh cheeses, and milk.


These proteins contain all the necessary acidic amino acids however be careful because some of them contain lipids, cholesterol and saturated fatty acids. Unlike proteins of plant origin which do not contain it.


  • Proteins of plant origin  : Dried fruits, Breads,  rusks and crispers, Cereals, (pasta,  rice,  semolina, ...) and  dried vegetables, fresh vegetables, fresh fruits


Unlike proteins of animal origin, these proteins are poor in amino acids.









  • Foods rich in water should be favored


Foods rich in water make it possible to increase gastric fibers therefore occupy an important place in the stomach which generates a feeling of satiety.


But be careful, these fluids do not stay in the stomach for long, so the fullness effect is short-lived.



  • Where to find foods rich in water?

Principally,  go for water  ! But you can bet on unsweetened drinks and foods rich in water (such as soups).    


  • We must focus on fatty foods


Indeed, fatty foods contain lipids which quickly fill the stomach, resulting in a feeling of satiety.

  But be careful, you have to choose these good fatty foods, because most of them are high in calories.



  • Where can you find the RIGHT foods high in fat?

Opt for fats rich in omega-3 and omega-6. You will find it in certain oils such as olive or rapeseed oil.



It is therefore unnecessary to have recourse to so-called appetite suppressants since we have just seen that there are a multitude of natural foods to be favored. So those who bring satiety are  : starchy foods, legumes, meats and fish, vegetables, raw vegetables, fruits… However, all these natural foods are those which enter into the composition of balanced meals  !

To avoid unwanted snacking, you simply need a balanced diet.

Appetite suppressants are not remedies to regulate our hunger.

Hunger is a feeling that must be avoided or understood, it is normal to be hungry and to eat to satisfy it. The solution would therefore be to learn to know your body (listen to it to better respond to it) and especially to manage these hunger pangs over the long term.


Did you know?  

2 eggs provide as much protein as a 100g steak

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