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How to deal with snacking?



We all pass a bakery or the supermarket once and we are tempted, how to manage these cravings  ?  


Here are my 10 tips  :


1. Know the real reason for this urge  :

Are you hungry  ? or is it gluttony  ? Always eat while thinking. If you don't think so, you will swallow everything up in the process.

Are you stressed  ? If so, try to clear your mind  : go to the movies, play sports (walking for example), go shopping, listen to your favorite music, play games, sew the fallen buttons that you never had time to sew :-)…

But do not watch television especially, which will increase your desire to snack.


2. Try not to be tempted:

Make sure you skip the aisles at the supermarket  : sweets and cakes :-), avoid your favorite fast food restaurant or just the bakery you love. Have no temptation  !


3. Advance the meal

If you still have an hour to go before the lunch break, or your dinner, do not hesitate to bring it forward. Fixed times for meals can be flexible.


4. Eat good portions and never skip your meals  !

Make real meals  : breakfast, lunch and dinner. With dishes that stall you.

Add two snacks during the day which should be as filling.


5. Nibble on good foods  : fruits (apples, clementines….), carrot sticks, radishes, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, almonds, chewing gum…


Always prepare in your fridge  : vegetables already washed, peeled, and cut and always have a fruit or almonds on hand (in your bag).

Just a comparison:  5 almonds = 50 kcal and 1 apple = 80 kcal.

So do not hesitate to take a small handful of almonds (which are very good for your health).


6. Drink a lot  : preferably water (calorie-free) but you can also opt for hot lemon water. Hot drinks will decrease your appetite for snacking


7. Brush your teeth after your dinners. This will close this meal and prevent you from snacking.



8. Take your time to eat  : chew your food well. The brain only understands after 20 minutes (from the start of a meal) that it can be stalled.


9. Relax in a nice hot bath :-)  


10. Above all, NO FRUSTRATION so allow yourself a little pleasure once or twice a week. Set a day and amounts to stick to.

You will look forward to and savor your little treat a lot more  !



Keep these tips with you and read the list of whatever you want :-)  




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