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The sessions

There are no miracle diets that are valid for everyone: each person has their own story that is involved in their weight gain. A diet that works for one person will not work for another. This is why you should see a nutritionist, dietitian and / or slimming coach who listens to you and personalizes your programs. They should not be standardized. 

Our consultations : Each week, per week via Skype, Whatsapp Audio or Facetime we will establish a specific diet for you with realistic goals.

The first one

The first consultation, which lasts 50 minutes, will allow me to get to know you better, to understand your needs and to make a tailor-made nutritional program adapted to your desires. I would try to better understand the problems related to your diet and to know the reasons for this weight gain as well. This first introduction is decisive , to point out your dietary errors, to determine your ideal weight and form.

The following

The following consultations last 20  minutes during which we will take stock of the previous week and make the best meals for the following week.

These consultations are essential to monitor your weight loss but also to re-motivate you regularly .

Every week we change our programs so that your body doesn't get used to it and run out of steam.

24 hours a day​​ 7 days a week

Between each consultation , I am available for YOU by whats app, emails, facebook if you have any questions or doubts. We can rectify the program if an unexpected temptation presents itself to you. I send you articles, recipes, and slimming files.

You will learn to read nutritional labels, to understand how to manage daily life, unforeseen events, restaurants, outings, ...


I am therefore by your side and you will no longer be alone during this whole adventure. 


At the end of the weight loss, we will establish a stabilization phase together and we can talk to each other once a month.

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