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Cellulite  :

the causes, consequences and its treatments








The jersey is back  !


Unfortunately, cellulite has set in ... what to do to fight against it  ?


First of all let's try to understand this phenomenon.


It is an accumulation of fat under the skin which gives an unsightly orange peel appearance. The causes can be multiple  but we will especially remember  :

  • Very often genetic

  • Excessive fat intake and an unbalanced diet

  • Significant water retention

  • Smoking

  • Vascular insufficiency

  • Hormonal changes

  • Lack of physical activity


The  majority of women and some men have cellulite problems. It is not a disease and is not harmful to health.

Women, during their pregnancy and breastfeeding are more susceptible to cellulite.


The 12 anti-cellulite tips  :


1. It is very important to start with a food readjustment


Eating a healthy and balanced diet is the best option for reducing cellulite  :

  • eat as many vegetables as possible that are high in fiber  

  • avoid sugars and fats

  • especially limit saturated fat  (cakes, pastries, donuts or fried / pasty foods….).


2. Consume more antioxidants


Antioxidants will help fight free radicals (which damage skin tissue), but also regenerate cells and therefore provide better blood flow. Favor vitamins A, C and E.


  • Vitamin A  : Fish, carrot, spinach ...

  • Vitamin C  : green vegetables, kiwi, pepper, blackcurrant ...

  • Vitamin E  : soy  , whole grain cereal, asparagus, avocado ...


3. Eliminate the salt


If your sodium intake is too high, it can lead to the creation of cellulite. This is because the salt present in the cells attracts water from neighboring tissues and retains it. This fluid retention causes the appearance of cellulite.


4. Go for grapefruit


Grapefruit is very effective  : it is rich in vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients which help the body to get rid of toxins.

Drinking squeezed grapefruit juice in the morning will help you fight cellulite.


5. Be physically active


To reduce cellulite, it is important to practice sports  :


  • Do aerobics


  • Stretching or bodybuilding exercises, working especially in places where cellulite is essential  : that is to say the thighs, hips and buttocks.

The exercises will improve blood circulation and further facilitate the drainage of toxins.

For strength training, women  : Opt instead for small dumbbells with faster movements and for men heavier weights.

Strength training exercises will help fight against cellulite thanks to the muscles that will be refined and which will feed on the cellulite to use them as an energy source.


  • Here are some easy exercises to do at home  :


  • As soon as you wake up, make circles with your legs  : lying on the bed, one leg raised and the other flat. The raised leg should make circular movements (do 15 circles clockwise then 15 clockwise - do the same with the other leg). This exercise will decrease your cellulite by stretching your muscles.

  • You can make the chair  : back to the wall, make a right angle with your legs and maintain this position. Start with sets of 45 seconds then 1 minute, 1 minute 30… and increase. This exercise will firm your skin and burn your fat

  • It is important to walk  : try to favor the stairs rather than the elevator or escalators, walking rather than the car or the bus ...


6. Stay hydrated


Fighting retention will allow you to reduce these fatty deposits.

It will therefore be necessary to drink a lot to promote elimination to avoid storage in these cells.

You can also make drinks yourself that will drain your body and therefore reduce fatty deposits. For example  : Mix water with ginger or water with ginseng.


7. Don't drink alcohol


Alcohol promotes the installation of cellulite making your skin soft, flabby and therefore appearance of orange peel.


8. Don't smoke


Tobacco interferes with the elimination functions. It promotes the installation of cellulite because it inhibits lipolysis (transformation of lipids into energy),  it also damages the cardiovascular system and prevents good blood circulation.


9. Think about your underwear


Opt for lace underwear that won't block your blood flow. Cotton materials, on the other hand, are not ideal because they block the flow of blood and therefore amplify the accumulation of cellullite in the buttocks and hips.


10. Massage yourself


There is no such thing as a magic cellulite cream  : however the one which is the most effective and if you do your massages regularly  : it is PERCUTAFEINE that you can buy in pharmacies.

If you want to get other creams, choose those that are based on caffeine and theophylline.


Practice the right gestures  : Massage yourself clockwise, from bottom to top with strong movements and firm pressure.


You can use gloves or massage accessories (roller, brush with large spikes, etc.) which will remove cellulite by massaging the epidermis, helping to release fat and drain it.


11. Relax


Learning to sleep well promotes beautiful skin  : so don't feel guilty about being a real sleeper anymore  (or a real sleeper  !).

Avoid very hot baths, or even saunas and steam rooms. Opt for cool water showers  which will stimulate blood circulation and focus on areas affected by cellulite.


12. Other solutions


  • Using essential oils  : mix with sweet almond oil.

  • Palpate rolling, lipocavitation, lymphatic drainage will help you improve your orange peel skin.

  • The power plate  :

  • If you want "  minimize  »Your orange peel effect for an evening for example, use self-tanner to make the bumps and dimples less visible.

  • The power plate  : a  machine which transmits waves in the body (thanks to tremors) and which activates muscle contractions, reduces muscle mass and therefore decreases cellulite in targeted areas. You will find this machine in your gym but you can also get it to use at home.

  • Grandmother's treatment  : a scrub with coffee grounds. Magic recipe  : ½ cup of coffee grounds + ¼ cup of sugar +  ¼ cup of olive oil. Mix everything together and give yourself circular massages every 3 days  rinsing with cold water.

  • Regarding devices  : you can use suction cups (which consists of vacuuming the affected area) or bag brushing (use a simple brush with natural bristles regularly  : if possible morning and evening).


Do not panic anymore cellulite can be present in everyone. It affects 85% of women (to varying degrees) and a small percentage of overweight men (at the level of the abdominal belt).

Do these good things daily and after a few months you will see a difference on the treated areas.




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