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Do not give up  


Why should you never give up ?  


In the middle of a cold period, a little slack can happen quickly. Without warning, it sets in and if you don't reboost yourself, it can stay there for a long time.  


So we do not let go, we continue :) for those who have resumed the sport, we continue and we do not give up so as not to lose the progress achieved.  


Who has never wanted to stop everything, put everything aside, completely lose their motivation

Don't worry, we all go through this and that's when you have to ask yourself the right questions.  


1.  Pleasure vs compulsion 

Whether it is sport or your diet , you must take pleasure: to cook yourself a good balanced dish, to savor it, to walk, to run, to go to the gym… It should especially not become a constraint . Therefore, where it becomes, take a step back. Slow down and think about yourself, take some time in your day for yourself, to do an activity you don't have time for: going to the movies, sewing, listening to music, taking a nap when you come home from work ... just unzip. 

It is by reminding you that sport is a moment all to you, that your meals should be taken quietly, without a screen in front of you, that you can once again consider positively. 

You will then see the motivation return.
Listen to you.  


It is obvious that there are circumstances where it is difficult to do exercises or to think "  balance  »: Because of a trip, the family visiting you, holidays or other… But treat yourself from time to time: a good meal followed by a boost day to erase everything there is nothing better to get off to a good start.  


Take a break to refocus on yourself and especially to get off to a better start. After a few days of stopping you will feel the need and the desire to get back to it.  


2. False excuses vs fatigue 

Don't look for false excuses: if you are unmotivated, it can be a feeling of laziness. Be honest with yourself, differentiate between tiredness and laziness .  


Never turn down  arms.  


3. Think objective 

Take time to establish the important points of your starting goal. That it is: to eat balanced, to lose weight, to build muscles, to lose weight… Do not lose your goal. Maybe your initial goal was unlikely?  Did you aim too high? It's okay, readjust your ideal :) and push back your deadline.  


4. Analyze your progress

To regain your motivation, an infallible technique has been proven: observe the results you have achieved after all these days, weeks or months . By stopping, you will quickly lose this ascent. If you don't keep up your efforts will disappear much to your disappointment. You will enter a vicious circle.  


5. Self-esteem 

If you give up your morale will take a hit. While the results bring self-confidence. Avoid having those little voices that tell you all day long: “  You'll never make it, it's not for you, you can't last more than 2 days  ". On the contrary, give yourself a boost, start smoothly without too much frustration, and if you need additional help, do not hesitate your coach Kathleen is there to help you and congratulate you when you need it and to give you back the moral.


6. Boredom vs routine 

To regain lost motivation, all you have to do is change your routine

Thanks to my programs, no week is alike. From day to day, you will never have the same meals, diversity is essential not to fall into boredom . The routine will be to prepare your meals, to organize yourself, but everything else changes.  



So don't give up, you have all the cards in your hands to stay the course.
If you are on the right foot, keep going or if you need a little help , don't hesitate, I'm here for you.


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