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How to lose weight on vacation?


'Diet rhymes with pleasure' so even on vacation, indulge yourself!

Here it is, the holidays are finally here!  No more scheduling constraints, you finally have time for yourself :)

So all the more reason to continue the diet you have already started. No reason to mess it up.

With the sun, rest, relaxation and reading… Everything is there to enjoy these holidays without putting on extra pounds. You have less stress, more time, so get organized.

Here are my tips for living a beautiful balanced vacation:

- Do not skip any meals: Don't eat a large meal to skip the next meal. You think skipping a meal might cause you to lose weight, but it doesn't! On the contrary, by skipping a meal, you will eat more at the next meal (s). Eat your 3 meals and 1 (or even 2) snack (s) per day to lose weight.

- Do not wait until you are hungry to eat: When your belly growls, your brain stops thinking and you will more easily fall into the consumption of fatty and sugary foods. You will therefore throw yourself on the foods at the table which are often bread or aperitifs: such as peanuts and crisps. On vacation, it is difficult to predict meal times so plan your snacks (fruit for example).

- Stop: when you are no longer hungry. Knowing how to stop eating when you are full allows you to lose weight. But still it is necessary to identify the satiation: it is not necessary to feel bad or bloated.

- Take your time: Meals should be a pleasant moment, take advantage of being with your family (or not) to enjoy your plate. You are in no hurry, no one is waiting for you. Give yourself at least 20 minutes for your brain to properly receive signals of fullness and tell you to stop. How to eat slowly? Chew and put your cutlery between each bite. The more gently you chew the better you will digest and the less you will eat too.

- Knowing how to have fun: Eating healthy does not mean depriving yourself of pleasure. Once a week, set yourself a treat : a pastry for example. Also, replace your ice cream with sorbets. But above all, do not deprive yourself. A lack will have the opposite effect and therefore you will gain weight. Your pleasures must be exceptional (from time to time) quantity and quality also must be considered. Savor your pleasure. The food balance is not done over one day but over several, so you can compensate for the following meals.

- Play sports : all excuses are good for moving : walking, cycling, jogging, swimming, snowshoeing on the beach… and even in the evening, go to a nightclub to work out and dance.

- Cook: if you have the possibility, it is the best solution for healthy and economical eating. On vacation, let's share the chores with family or friends. Start first with the shopping list with the menus for the week: everyone is happy and everyone gives their ideas and desires. Reconcile yourself with the stoves: everyone in turn can cook and show their creativity: make pretty, colorful plates. This will avoid repetitive kitchens.

=> Some ideas for light appetizers: vegetables with salted crunch and fruits, opt for 0% cottage cheese sauces (and chives) it is a delight or a sauce based on tomatoes, lemon and garlic. Raw fish tartare style served with onions or shallots. Shrimps, fish rillettes or even tomato mozzarella skewers: let your imagination run wild.

- Avoid long stewed cooking : in summer, we prefer short and light cooking with little fat (all cooking does not need fat): in foils or sautéed in a non-stick pan, in the plancha, barbecue or grill.  Have fun varying :) We cook a lot with lemon for marinades, garnishing with herbs and spices. The marinade will precook the fish or meat, the fibers of which it will relax. Ideal for short-term cooking.

- Opt for fresh foods: These are the ones that will provide you with the most nutrients (especially vitamins, minerals, trace elements and anti-oxidants). Vary the colors, textures, shapes of fruits and vegetables to make beautiful plates. Remember we eat with our eyes. Take the opportunity during your shopping to discover new foods typical of the country.

- At the restaurant, what to choose? Favor healthy foods, balanced dishes and avoid dishes with sauce. You can also order the sauce separately so that you can add and quantify the oil yourself.

- Keep good habits: For example at breakfast, give preference to wholemeal bread with cereals. It will make you feel better and this bread is a good source of fiber. Between the fresh fruit salad and the fresh fruit juice, do not hesitate: taste your whole fruits which are richer in fiber.

- Drink a lot… and water :-) Hydrate yourself regularly. Our daily water requirement is 1.5 liters. When the thermometer exceeds 30  ° C it takes half a liter of additional water. Likewise when you go for a hike or a walk, fill your gourds and drink without counting. For wine lovers: do not overdo it and choose your meals where you will have your authorized glasses of alcohol.

- Always take a snack with you: from breakfast, take fresh fruit for your hollows during the day: an apple, a pear, a banana. ... If you are going for a hike or a bike ride, take some dried fruit and oilseeds that provide energy quickly.

- Always have a diversified diet: eat foods from each group every day:

                   => vegetables at will and at each meal,
                   => fruit 3 times a day,
                  => starches twice a day (favor those with a low glycemic index and vary between pulses, cereals and potatoes),
                   => proteins (of animal origin: meat, egg, fish or of vegetable origin: tofu, for example),
                   => 3 dairy products or even 4 per day (for calcium)
                   => and a small amount of fat .

Follow these tips to keep your figure on vacation :) Share them with your friends and above all ... HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


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