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The sun is back and it's time to bring out our beautiful lunch baskets on the grass.

Who says picnics can't rhyme with diet?

Here are my little tips for a balanced meal under the sun.

**** ENTRANCE ****

Create carrot or cucumber sticks, snack on cherry tomatoes, radishes, celery or fennel instead of chips and sausage.
If you like (potato) crisps, why not make them yourself? Nothing better than good carrot, parsnip, or beet crisps. Easy to do, just finely chop your vegetable and
  to put it in the oven.

**** IN DISH ****

- For sandwiches, what to favor?
For a good balanced sandwich, make the right choices:
For starchy foods: choose whole wheat, rye, wheat or sourdough bread. It provides complex carbohydrates also called slow sugars. Avoid sandwiches and bagels.
For proteins: opt for eggs, chicken (without the skin), deli meats with 2% mg of fat, ham, surimis or even fatty fish (salmon, tuna, etc.) which are rich in omega-3 . Avoid tuna crumbs which are too fatty.
For the fat: you can brush your sandwich with a tablespoon of butter or mayonnaise. And why not cook your own low-fat mayonnaise?

Light mayonnaise recipe:
1 egg yolk
1 teaspoon of mustard (or more if you prefer a strong taste)
1 teaspoon of 0% cottage cheese and 2 fresh squares
Mix everything with a mixer
Easy and light recipe .. and Bon Appétit :)

You can also make a yogurt sauce spiced up with a little mustard and lots of fresh herbs and spices.
For raw vegetables / vegetables: Obviously AT YOUR OWN: cucumbers, peppers, broccoli, onions, lettuce, zucchini, eggplants… The vegetables will provide fiber, minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants and water.

You can add a cheese (in small portions) if you wish, avoiding spreadable cheeses (which are often too fatty). Dairy products will provide calcium and proteins. Also choose a 0% fat dairy.

Some ideas for sandwich recipes : White cheese sandwich with black radish and beetroot, Chicken or ham sandwich with tomatoes and green salad, chicken and asparagus sandwich, tuna salad sandwich, egg sandwich and tuna and tomatoes, sandwich with 0% cream cheese and smoked salmon, mozzarella sandwich (to be limited), tomatoes and basil, chicken sandwich, tomatoes and avocado ...

- For your salads:
You can also vary by preparing salads made from starchy foods : pasta, quinoa, rice,… or even legumes: lentils, red beans, chickpeas… which are low in fat and high in fiber.

For fat: do not ban oils and opt for the following oils: olive, walnut, rapeseed. For antioxidants and essential fatty acids in omega-3 and omega-6. How to lighten seasonings? For the vinaigrette, add water and do not force the oils.


Some salad ideas to prepare for your picnic: Nicoise salad, rice salad with pineapple, tabbouleh, quinoa salad, tomato salad, mozzarella or feta, lentil salad with turkey and pear, salad of chive shrimp  … Bet on the spices that will give flavor to your salads.

**** FOR DESSERT ****

Finish your meal with one or more seasonal fruit (s) that you can taste. It is best to eat them whole or in compotes (homemade or without added sugars) but if you wish, drink them in juice. Kids love fruit on skewers, so vary the colors.
  to finish on a sweet touch such as candies, packets of cakes,  pastries and pastries.

**** THE DRINKS ****

Limit carbonated drinks, to limit the intake of simple sugars. Prefer still or sparkling mineral water, flavored water, iced tea  or iced coffee and light sodas. Do not abuse orange juice which provides sugars.

Do not forget for better digestion, after your meal, take a long family walk. Children can cycle or scooter and you can walk. Think about your ideal 30 minutes of walking a day :) If you want to be more active, and burn more calories, consider playing balloons, rackets, or even the Frisbee on the grass… The only watchword is: MOVE!

In next week's newsletter we will see: how to properly prepare a picnic for your child during school trips?


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