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What foods to avoid

the evening?





Dining in the evening does not make you fat on the other hand what makes you fat is to eat poorly in the evening.

Unfortunately we do it almost every day: at breakfast, we have a good balanced meal at lunch too and it is in the afternoon when we come home, we throw ourselves on the food we find in the restaurants. cupboards. These are often low calorie foods that are high in fat .

For dinner, remember that this is the last meal before an 8-10 hour fast, during the night's sleep. It is therefore important to pay attention to the foods we eat. If it's occasional, it's not a big deal. On the other hand, if the mistakes are repeated every night, you will disrupt your metabolism and there will be repercussions on your appearance . These bad choices will not only have negative consequences on your physique but also on your health.

It is therefore necessary to choose these evening foods well and especially to take a balanced snack at 4 pm.

Obviously, we should not refrain from anything but rather find substitutes .

Here is what I recommend for each enemy :)

1. French fries, like all fried foods: increase the instability of sleep because they make digestion heavy. Poor digestion leads to disturbed sleep, and people who sleep poorly see their cortisol levels rise, which weakens muscle tissue. Sleep is essential for building muscle because it is during meals that the body recovers.

- Its replacement: Avoid eating fried foods in the evening and replace them with boiled, baked or baked vegetables.

2. Red meat: rich in proteins and fats, red meat makes digestion difficult. Indeed, although proteins have no impact on blood sugar. these foods take a long time to work: the body must first break them down into amino acids. This work of digestion risks disrupting sleep. Red meat can also cause stomach upset and therefore prevent us from getting deep, restful sleep.

- Its replacement: A portion of turkey breast or white fish that provides tryptophan, which promotes sleep.

3. The dinners in the restaurant too heavy: for example at the Chinese
Avoid dishes in sauces: sautéed beef with ginger for example. Dish rich in carbohydrates and fats. Glutamate is a stimulant comparable to caffeine.

- His replacement : at the Chinese restaurant, order steamed vegetables and dishes that are not too spicy or too cooked.

4. Ice cream: is rich in sugar and milk which does not promote good digestion. On the other hand, the ice cream consumed before going to bed is converted into fat and therefore weight gain. It is therefore a food to be avoided in the evening.

- Its replacement: If you want to consume a fresh food, opt for a homemade frozen yogurt: even put your favorite 0% yogurt in the freezer and enjoy it as a dessert.

5. Chili or chili: not the best choice to eat at night. Indeed they can cause heartburn and prevent a good sleep. On the other hand, consume them at noon or during the day because they are very good fat burners.

- Its replacement: Bet on other spices to give flavor such as cumin or coriander which are also very good antioxidants.

6. Garlic: causes stomach acidity and gastric reflux, which prevents good digestion and hinders restful sleep.

- Its replacement: Opt for other foods such as onions to give flavor to your preparations

7. Chocolate: it is certainly rich in fats and sugars, but it also contains a little caffeine. If you are sensitive to it, or if you take too much caffeine already during the day, this may be the dose of "
  too much  Which could compromise restful sleep.

- Its replacement: If you want a sweet taste, opt for a baked fruit for example: the apple. It's a delight

8. Pasta: should be avoided in the evening (unless you want to gain weight). They are high in calories from carbohydrates so they will raise blood sugar, and they tend to store around the waist. After digestion, they are converted into fat, increase the level of sugar in the blood, which causes insomnia. Instead, prefer a pasta dish at midday or just after your sports exercises (the carbohydrate intake here will be useful to replenish the glycogen stock - the energy will therefore be burned).

- Its replacement: you can opt for brown rice or even sweet potato but if you really want pasta: cook konjacs or even vegetable spaghetti like zucchini or squash. These vegetable tagliatelle will give you the same feeling with a lot less carbs

9. Crisps and Pizza: Either way, they contain too many calories to eat before bedtime. A large dose of saturated fat and carbohydrate will be long and difficult to digest, and will prevent you from sleeping well. And will put your body in a fat storage situation as your insulin levels rise.

- Its replacement : if you want to fill up on proteins without carbohydrates, opt for hard-boiled eggs , without excess fat and which will allow you to feed your muscles as a priority.

10. Milk: is an excellent source of calcium and protein, but it can cause digestive problems due to its high lactose content. A sugar that can cause a spike in blood sugar and wake you up to go snacking during the night.

- Its replacement: a large glass of lemon water before going to bed as at bedtime brings many benefits: especially appetite suppressants, but also acts on digestion: it is a tonic for the liver and helps to digest ingested food (by producing more bile).

11. Drinks: avoid alcoholic drinks: which certainly promotes rapid falling asleep but unfortunately it alters the different phases of sleep, by interrupting them.
Many people use coffee to keep them awake and to activate the brain. However, we must avoid caffeine which remains for 8 to 10 hours in our body, so drink your coffee in the morning and after lunch (maximum 14 hours) so that the negative effects do not affect your sleep in the evening.

- His replacement : A glass of lemon water

12. Fruit juices: in the evening should also be avoided pineapple juice, orange juice… They are first of all acidic so can cause heartburn. They sometimes contain too much added sugars and are absorbed very quickly, which causes a spike in blood sugar and therefore waking up during the night.

- Its replacement : A bowl of 0% cottage cheese topped with some fresh fruit cut into pieces. Cottage cheese provides amino acids for muscles and fruits, a natural sweet taste.

An ideal dinner: It is important to always accompany your dinner with vegetables: Grilled, sautéed or in soup.

Some examples of ideal balanced dinners:

- An omelet with sautéed mushrooms. A bowl of strawberries for dessert
- Nicoise salad: tuna, tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans. 0% yogurt
- Tomato soup (gazpacho) and a grilled salmon in the oven. 2 apricots
- White fish and oven-grilled vegetables (peppers, eggplants and zucchini). 1 slice of pastor
- Vegetable soup served with shrimps

It is recommended that you eat dinner at least two hours before bedtime and get enough hours of sleep for the body to recharge with energy. 


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