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Who am I ?



Slimming coach at home , I have already experienced significant overweight in the past.


• In less than a year,                 .      I developed a passion for nutrition and light / easy to make recipes.  


• Association graduate  FILCO (International Federation for the Fight against Obesity),  I now want to help other people who are feeling bad about themselves or just teach everyone to eat well.


• Nutritionist diploma in the United Kingdom: “Diet and Nutrition Advisor course”


• At the end of 2013, I made my Facebook group public: “  Easy and light recipes  »Where you can exchange your slimming recipes:  




Today the group has more than 7600 members : mutual aid, recipes and motivations are the keys to the group :)


• Columnist in magazines, notably, and


• In 2014, I gave nutrition lessons in nurseries in London.



• For 2 years, I have been giving cooking lessons with healthy recipes to children from 2 to 5 years old.



In 2016, Kathleen decides to create videos to help people who are new to cooking. In these videos, we find good recipes that are easy to make and light :)



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