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Catch up on your gaps

of parties


The holidays are over and you have a few extra pounds on the scale  ... It's not the end of the world and even less that of your diet  !


Pleasures when they are too frequent or numerous slow down your weight loss but you should not be demotivated on the contrary this is where you have to take charge  !


No need to beat yourself up anymore, and try to follow these tips.  


1. Do not weigh yourself the next day or two days after a deviation ... It is useless  ! On the contrary, you will hold much less in the long term.



2. Don't skip meals the next day. Do not think that you will lose weight more easily. ... on the contrary  !!! So just eat BETTER at the next meals.



3. Increase your servings of vegetables at every meal! Do not deprive yourself especially  



4. Drink a lot  : it is important to drink to eliminate your toxins. Minimum 1.5 liters of water preferably per day.



5. Strengthen your physical activity for 4 days after your days.  pleasures  ". If you are not very athletic, now is the time to get started  ! A good half hour of walking every day for those who are not used to it and a more important activity -1 hour of cardio - for the very athletic  !



6. For a few days, avoid using your jokers (or galas meals) you will re-use them very quickly  




Good Courage and Happy New Year 2015! 

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