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Back to school in style


The end of the holidays has arrived , so we must prepare for the start of the school year: the return to work, the relentless weeks that resume, take care of our children's school bags, and above all continue to lose weight or keep your figure this summer.

Here are some tips that will help you get through the start of the new school year with ease and with a smile:

1. Get 8 hours of sleep a night: It is important to sleep when you want to lose weight. The hormones responsible for regulating appetite are disrupted when sleep is disturbed. During a short sleep, ghrelin (hunger hormone) is stimulated (therefore increased food intake during the day), and leptin (satiety hormone) is inhibited (therefore reduced feeling of fullness).  It is therefore important to get enough sleep: 8 hours a night and ideally go to bed at the same times every night for the quality of sleep to be optimal.

2. Be organized: it is essential to have a complete kitchen with all the slimming foods: from canned to frozen, including spices and fresh products. Make a standard list so you don't miss out on anything every week.

3. Prepare your meals : At noon we do not all have time to prepare meals, be smart and cook more in quantity the day before to keep the leftovers the next day at noon. Also innovate if you cook ratatouille and meat in the evening the next day at noon, recycle the ratatouille into a quinoa salad for example. Eating on the go is not incompatible with paying attention to your figure. Use quick preparations. To save time, use sachets of frozen vegetables or ingredients in bricks, cans or jars. Such as hearts of palm, artichokes, green beans, carrots, mushrooms, tuna, tofu, ... These foods are washed, peeled, and sometimes even already cut.
If you prefer to use fresh vegetables, first prepare your cooking medium: boiling water, heat your pan, or preheat your oven. Then you will have time to peel and cut your food. While cooking your preparation, concoct your sauce or marinade.

4. Start with a week of boost: to erase all your excess (or not) of vacation. Go for whole starches whenever you can and enjoy a serving of vegetables with every meal.

Typical Day:

1 glass of lemon juice 15 minutes before breakfast Buttered toast, green tea 0% yogurt
Snack 11 am: 1 piece of fruit and or 0% yogurt in case of hunger

Lunch and Dinner:
Bet on vegetables: rich in optimal fiber and have an anti-acid power. The evening eve may be lacking in this category of food so anticipate and compensate by balancing the daily intake.
Serve your vegetables with white proteins: white fish, white meat ... And if you can avoid fat (to compensate with dinner).
You can optionally add whole grains, oilseeds and dried fruits.

4 p.m. snack: 1 apple and or yogurt
Dried fruits if needed

For dinner you can choose to do a mono-diet, once a week. Choose a detox vegetable: artichoke, beetroot, carrots or black radish and consume it at will for dinner. This mono diet will close your stomach and relieve your digestive tract which will have been over-stimulated the day before.
Don't forget to hydrate yourself: unlimited water, herbal tea and tea at any time of the day :)

5. Increase your sports activity: If you are not athletic (or athletic), don't worry, start with a good half hour of walking per day and increase the intensity and time each week.

6. Dont skip meals: skipping meals will not allow you to lose weight faster. On the contrary, you will lose weight to regain more afterwards. Eat well each of your meals, do not eliminate any category of food to lose permanently.


Bet on back to school to continue your momentum, eat balanced and always think objective.


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