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Sport Exercises 

You do not know where to start? what to do? what to work? 

Whatever your level, here are the ideal exercises to perform, 2 to 3 times a week. 

For beginners : do 2 sets of 8-10 to start. 

For intermediates : do 3 sets of 40. 

For the experts : do 5 sets of 80 every 2 days (let your body rest).  


Try to do little but well and slowly as fast and badly :) and remember to breathe during the exercises. 

Want to lose your love handles?  

Shoulders raised 

Straighten the right leg, bend the left leg towards your chest and raise the right elbow towards the knee 

The side board : imagine that you have fire under your hip so lift it upwards as much as possible and stay 20 seconds for beginners, 1 minute for intermediates and maximum for experts! 

Do the same exercise on each side

Do you want to slim down your waist?  

With or without alteration

With your back straight, head held high, arms outstretched and try to touch your ankles from one side then the other: alternately 

With or without alteration : Alternately 

Right back, right hand up, then with the left hand touch the right ankle and we start again, right fist up, left hand on the right ankle and we continue  


Do the same on the other side, left hand up, right fist on left ankle and we continue alternately.

Do you want to build your belly? 

The abdo: Nothing better than the basic abdo.

Legs bent, head and shoulders raised

and do not stick the chin to the torso, always leave a space 

Do you want to strengthen your arms / biceps? 


Remember to always end with stretching. Take the time to stretch your legs, shoulders, hips, pelvis and handles (especially if you've used dumbbells).  


For beginners: start with a weight of 0.5 kilo 

in 3 steps:

- Extend your arms perpendicular to your body 

- then raise the forearm (see photo 1)

- finally fold your hands towards your shoulders (see photo 2)




          Photo 1              Photo 2 

New exercises to come ...

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