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Salmon tartare


Salmon tartare recipe



Raw salmon 

Chives or onions 

For decoration: Salads and lumpfish eggs

House dressing sauce 

If you wish, serve with light tartar sauce  



Cut your salmon into cubes 

Do the same with the onions or chives 

Serve with salad, a drizzle of house dressing and tartar sauce. 

Easy and Light Recipe and ... Bon Appétit :)


Light tartar sauce recipe



6 tablespoons of cottage cheese  

1 tablespoon of mustard  

2 tablespoons chopped parsley

2 tablespoons of chives  

1 tablespoon of olive oil  

Salt and pepper  



Mix all the ingredients 

If you want to keep it, cover the bowl with cling film until tasting. 

Easy and Light Recipe and ... Bon Appétit :)

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