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testify ...

Words from the community! 

"The psychology of the patient is important to me, learning to understand them to overcome their desires " 


Myriam   "adapted to the life of a mother who works but who  also comes out. .. "

I you  presents Kathleen  coach at home, I met her through  of a member  of my family, your weight loss program cannot  that to succeed, Kathleen never abandons us no matter what: questions or advice at any time of the  daytime. we cook delicious dishes bitch with the technical sheets that she sends us  which we will not gain weight with I lost several pounds in the space of 3 weeks. Sincerely, I recommend Kathleen, she is wonderful.

Katia  " Kathleen was able to encourage me when  I no longer believed in myself  "  

I'm 36 and have been on a dozen different diets since I was 16. 
I always suffered every time I did them.
Weight watchers is one of the diets that seemed the easiest to me, but since I didn't have a follow-up, I fell for it quite easily.
During my 3rd pregnancy I gained 25 kilos. It's always funny when you are pregnant, but during childbirth there is the backdrop.
We had to start again to Pay attention. But I was tired and I couldn't do it on my own.
I was quite discouraged and felt like I would never be able to get my body back again.
Impossible to make an appointment with a doctor because my lack of time between my work and my children did not allow me to wait for hours in a waiting room.
I was put in touch with a distance coach. The best for me and my lack of time.
Except that she didn't match me at all. She imposed on me a diet that was too strict and not at all adapted to my daily life. 
I was sad, tired and bitter.
I blamed myself for not getting there and still being In failure.
Then I was lucky enough to be introduced to Kathleen. She was my trigger. Finally a person who understood me, who did not judge me and who above all adapted to my life. My diet was not that of another. 
New challenges every week. Every week a debrief with Kathleen for an update, but also a listening on what happened to me, my feelings ...
And all this without wasting time.
Encouragement of the quotient thanks to  WhatsApp.
Kathleen was able to encourage me when I no longer believed in myself. She knew how to teach me to love and get hold of me right after. 
Something that I had never managed to do in 20 years of diet. Don't give up, Nothing is lost, has become my daily motto.
She simply took me by the hand, accompanied me in my diet and today after 4 months I reached my goal and that without too much difficulty and with pleasure.
So thank you to you for the trust you gave me back, but also for the result obtained😊

Myriam   "adapted to the life of a mother who works but who  also comes out. .. "

After a second pregnancy I could not lose 10 kg! I didn't want to go back to a complicated diet, I didn't want to deprive myself either, or think about high protein diets etc ... I saw on Facebook, Kathleen's site I tried at start just to see. For several months now I have lost 9kg in all and I feel better in my trainers. Kathleen has programs that are perfectly suited to the life of a working mum who also goes out! No frustration, no evening canceled because we are on a diet ... everything is adaptable! And the most that this coach is his availability 24/24 7/7, before the slightest deviation, a little whats app and she finds an alternative to chocolate 😉 To lose weight effectively without frustration, it is Kathleen that he you need !!!!

Audrey, " I no longer looked at myself in the mirror "  


I was really overweight which bothered me on a daily basis.  I no longer looked at myself in the mirror, I refused to have my picture taken.  It was complicated for everything.  To dress, to look at each other.  I ate when I wasn't even hungry I guess I couldn't imagine how to get out of this situation.
I met Kathleen, I started a diet on March 28th, today is October 17th and I am at -19.1 kg.  More than a diet, and a food rebalancing, Kathleen 
It is truly precious daily help, support, advice, permanent and constant support. 
In addition to the sheets, personalized program help ... 
It really is a change 
For everything, I go out more easily, I manage to get dressed, I am less embarrassed, complexed .... Try it you will not regret it.  Be certain!

Sarah " learning to eat while making me happy ..."

I have always been on a diet, often yoyoing ... because of frustrating diets, too severe and untenable over the long term ...
Kathleen helped me on the one hand to lose weight but above all to teach me to eat while making me happy, without frustration, without isolating myself or feeling different from others at the restaurant or during an event ...
She is available every day, always responsive, always motivating, and full of encouragement even in the event of small deviations 😜
Thanks to her I lost my last pounds of pregnancy, the hardest ones !!!

I recommend her for her methods and daily Coaching


Chantal " THE coach you need to have in your pocket"  


It's hard to trust someone… She, who keeps telling me not to worry and who is much more confident than me about my weight loss !! But over time I learned (the road is long for me) I see my kilos go away little by little… 8kg in 2 months and it is not over !!! What about Kathleen who always has a solution to everything: the unexpected, cracking, sudden desire ... In short, THE coach you need to have in your pocket (thank you WhatsApp J). No more food frustration. An availability that I never imagined. Thank you again for everything and when I say all that's it !!! Patience, diversity of programs, daily support, availability, friendliness, encouragement, professionalism. The rest in a few months ...

Jérémy " Considering my behavior with the food, I started from very far"

After 26 years, a marriage and two beautiful children, I discreetly gained 2kg per year to reach 93kg for 1m78. Following a very benign virus (CMV) I suddenly lost 10kg that I was going to calmly regain (passage from 83 kg to 85kg in 10 days ...). On the good advice of my wife I sought the help of Kathleen who literally taught me to eat again without depriving me. The result: 5kg lost in 4 weeks and above all stable at 80kg for several months!
The best part is that I always enjoy eating. Kathleen's phone consultations and programs and continuous follow-up on WhatsApp (unlimited plan 😉) have allowed me to gradually select the foods that make me happy and eliminate some (without any frustration). Considering my behavior with food, I started from very far and yet I feel better in my body, I appreciate the look that those around me have on me and especially the advice of Kathleen is LONG-LASTING and easily applied on a daily basis. Thanks Kathleen!


Keren, "  I have already lost 4 kilos which means 1 kilo per week "  


My name is Keren, I am a therapist, I was looking for and in need of support regarding my weight loss and I had the chance to be put in contact with Kathleen.
I am in my 4th week of coaching and I have already lost 4 kilos which means 1 kilo per week which is completely respected.
The fact of feeling framed in this relief really made all the difference, Kathleen is available,  always enthusiastic and encouraging, no time to be demotivated or to give up, she is there ...
I can see today how much that makes all the difference I feel supported to be able to find myself physically.


Diane, " I tried all the diets but had no motivation!  "


I have accumulated weight gains after marriage and after my 2 pregnancies! I tried all the diets but had no motivation! 
Then Kathleen started to coach me and I have already lost over 6kg without any frustration.
It is very present on a daily basis and helps to manage every day and after an excess! She responds very quickly!
It's a very nice meeting. I can't wait to finish my weight loss! It's a challenge that I know I will succeed thanks to it! Thank you Kathleen  




Rashida, "...  help us to go through these stages always with joy and good humor ... "  


I would like to say thank you for your omnipresence, for your support  in this adventure with some difficulties, not insurmountable but which psychologically know how to destabilize you. But fortunately  you are there to help us through these stages always with joy and good humor and always with the same motivation ... FONDRE !! 
The adventure for me is not over yet but what a great adventure and what a great meeting !!
You are a blessing, a beautiful person endowed with real know-how and unfailing patience. Thanks to you we will make this year a FONDUE year .. !!!
I hug you as hard as I say a big thank you Kathleen.


Caroline C, "...  it is his support that is constant, nothing stops him, even on vacation ... "  


I decided to turn to Kathleen after reading an article about her! She is a real inspiration, it was the trigger for my diet. Kathleen is very attentive to your needs, your lifestyle and tailors a program specifically for you. It's like buying a made-to-measure dress !! What I appreciated the most about her is her constant support, nothing stops her, even on vacation. We can always contact her by FaceTime, what's up, email ... She is always available and answers all my  Questions. I also like  her articles that she sends us regularly which are very informative. At the same time, I take the cooking classes that I love. She welcomes us very warmly to her home with a chef and reveals the secrets of dietetics. His joy and good humor motivates me to melt !!!!

Thank you kathleen for all your encouragement.


Anonymous, "...  She is always by my side and encourages me daily. . "  


Not always easy when you are 15 years old to face  to the reality of being overweight ... Kathleen helped me change my diet and  to eat healthier. She is always available and I love my  FaceTime with it !! She is always by my side and encourages me daily. 
Thank you Kathleen for your support and your motivation to melt !!

Nathalie, 54 years old  "...  when I find myself at a restaurant and I don't know what to choose she is always available. "  


After multiple diets I decided to take control of myself. It's hard to do it on your own. 25kg to lose is no small task. For the second time I called on Kathleen. Since then she never leaves me. Take stock every Monday but especially our daily WhatsApp in the morning, in the evening, at any time when I find myself at the restaurant and I do not know what to choose, it is always available. It is a daily accompaniment with his good humor and his kindness. Everything is always positive. I started on May 1st and I have already lost almost 10kg, my lifestyle needs to change. I use fresh products and I move around more. And as Kathleen says so well "motivation to melt" in any case and as far as I'm concerned I continue. It's awesome.

Valérie A.,   "...  I told him everything: my difficulties, my stresses, my pains, my joys, my sorrows ... "  


Kathleen is a dietetic coach but above all an attentive listener. I told him everything: my difficulties, my stresses, my pains, my joys, my sorrows .... In short, my pounds!

She is an ear but also a big heart and especially never in judgment! 

Her program is adapted and adaptable to each profile and I give her a hard time .... She always keeps a smile and a good mood! Suddenly, we want to please him too. She motivates with the right words and it works!

As far as I'm concerned, I would say it's a great meeting even if it's from a distance. It is always connected and responds like clockwork. This is ideal!

I still have extra pounds, I will resume the course soon thanks to his understanding and because I want to reach the goal that we "for ourselves" have set.

Réjane,.,   "...  I recommend Kathleen  to all those who want to regain their healthy line "  


I met Kathleen all  coincidentally on Facebook ... I wanted to lose more than 12 kg without success for a few years. I couldn't do sports  because of major problems of  back. I was desperate  so much so that I had even made the decision to go to Harley Street to meet a nutritionist and pay a little less than £ 1,000 without promises of success.


I started my diet in early January 2014 with Kathleen. Already the cost was very affordable and I had nothing  to lose (apart from those pounds!). In the month of May that followed I fell back  at my weight as a young girl (after three children!) .... and since then I am still there. I gained two kilos because I was found to be too thin and here I am perfect ... I went from a size 14  at a size 8-10 .... All without depriving me. On the contrary, I re-learned  to eat properly, I have the right  to little follies, I know that the next day I can control my weight and return  at my ideal weight.


I owe my new body, my newfound joy of life, compliments and many looks to Kathleen who always in all humility reminds me that it is  to me that I owe it!


so I recommend Kathleen  to all those who want to regain their healthy line and I have only two words  to say: THANK YOU KATHLEEN !!!!!

Corinne, 40 years old,   "...  The queen of the diet: it's me! The queen of lost and regained pounds, ...  Result: 17 kilos in 6 months "


"The queen of the diet: it's me! The queen of lost and regained pounds: it's me! The queen of superfluous diets, it's me!
One day I decided to balance all this and I called kathleen. I'll tell you.
She followed me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 6 months with a modifiable diet according to my outings, my vacations and my spleen.
Result: 17 kilos in 6 months
Unfortunately like most "coated" people our weak point in the event of problems is the "nervous" food.
Problems this year, I was spoiled!
So unfortunately and unconsciously I let go of Kathleen and her wonderful group and ate anything and everything for 6 months!
Normally I will have gained 20 kilos out of my 17 lost and one day I said stop! I reread with my scale and despite all my follies: "only" 5 kilos taken !!!
This is where I said to myself that the katleen diet was great because it allowed deviations and the body did not panic too much in the event of "failure"
So I took the path of
  RFL and the contact with my top diet coat, I lost 3 kilos in a month and I continue to work harder because I still have at least 10  to lose and my life is more cheerful: my problems are fading and above all I have an opportunity to be top-notch in an evening dress in December: my son's wedding! 
Kathleen I'm back and thank you for everything! "

Jessica A,   "...  As soon as we have a question, a doubt, a desire or that we deviate, Kathleen is there to reassure us and motivate us! "  


After having done multiple diets with or without success I arrive  at 83kg on the scale .... I finally decided to contact Kathleen who answered me quickly !! She asks me a lot of questions about my eating habits and finally offers me THE program .... Very easy  to do and  to put in place even when working  without having a great organization !!! 

As soon as we have a question, a doubt, a desire or that we deviate, Kathleen is there to reassure us and motivate us !! And if necessary readjust the program which allows you to keep a social life while being on a diet! In addition, she gives us advice and recipes for our gourmet desires !!!

After 3 weeks I have already lost 5 kg !!! Certainly there are still 15 left but I am motivated, the program suits me and Kathleen is there to motivate us !! ;-)

Lara, 19  " it transmits real energy "  


“Kathleen has been helping me for 1 month  to lose weight and I can already see the difference in my report  to food. The great thing about Kathleen is that she is available all the time for questions that cross my mind during my runs or activities. In addition it transmits a real energy beyond the proposed diet which is really adapted to the individual, it is a real coach. I surely won't get there without her  to be held in the long term even through the summer! She knows how to combine work with pleasure and that's great! ”

Shany C, 21, "the  advantages with this diet are that no days are alike "


I am 21 years old and for quite a long time I have been dieting so inevitably the yoyo effect I know. After hesitating for a long time, I decided to get into Kathleen's diet. I started this diet without really believing it, without being focused on losing weight. In fact, I weighed myself only once a week.  So I followed the personalized program day after day without taking the lead. Unlike the other diets that I have been able to do, I was not hungry at all during the day and it was with pleasure that I discovered the daily program, which was never the same from day to day. 'other. First weighing, first surprise: -4 kg in one week! Nothing more motivating to continue to follow this rhythm.
In the end I lost 14 kg in 6 months and I went from a big 42  to a small size 38!
The advantages with this diet are that no days are the same, that we are not hungry during the day, an unlimited presence of Kathleen on whom we can always count, it prevents us from feeling guilty in the event of a deviation and manages his personalized diet to perfection allowing us to compensate for the few grams taken, always present to answer the various questions, sometimes modify the days etc.
After 1 month of vacation when I arrived in a country where a lot of things tempted me and few resisted me, I had fun several times. When I got home I weighed myself thinking I had gained a lot of weight and I discovered to my surprise that I had only gained one kilogram despite the many deviations made during this month of vacation. 
So I can add to the benefits that Kathleen's diet keeps her weight stable, teaches us to eat without feeling guilty without fear of the yoyo effect. 
And for the little extras we necessarily appreciate the reactions of people who see us again after having done the diet and who find us metamorphosed physically AND mentally. 
The description sounds rather utopian but it is nonetheless real. This is the only diet that has worked in the long term for me.
Thank you Coach!


Julie B.,  " it's more than just a coach, it's an ally"


Kathleen has been following me for 3 weeks,  

it's more than just a coach, it's an ally.

Thanks to her, I lost almost 2 kilos in 2 weeks, with a weekend of 3 days of evenings (aperitif, barbeuk, tapas ...). She knew how to take these meals into account to balance my days.

With programs, not strict at all, which include what you like, for my part: sweets ... Yes yes, I am entitled to it !!!!

Kathleen is available every day, when needed, in case of "slack". She never made me feel guilty when I swerved, I thank her for that :-).

Not to mention the recipes they send me when I have no ideas ...

My follow-up is not finished, I would like to lose a few more pounds, but I have confidence in her and I am motivated !!

Good luck to you.

All of these people changed their lives thanks to Kathleen 

Adeline, "Finally a diet that incorporates the gaps"

When losing weight rhymes with pleasure ...

Finally a diet that incorporates the differences and allows you to have fun while taking good habits and the satisfaction of obtaining rapid results 

A attentive and super available coach who brings her joy her good humor and motivates to melt 

Frankly what are you waiting for to start ???

Elisa, "I did not gain all those pounds  ! And I really thought it was impossible! "


After 3 pregnancies, and several attempts to lose weight, I found myself stuck at a much too high weight.

I had the impression that I had tried everything, that I was eating healthy, and that in the end, I had to make up my mind.

Without much conviction, I contacted Kathleen convinced I must have reached a balanced weight and that nothing would work.

I even told him the color right away  :  "  Okay, I think it doesn't  will not work  ! We try anyway but hey you'll see, I must have a problem with my metabolism ...  ".

She laughed a lot and told me  : "  You will see  ! Trust me  !  ". Barely 3 months later, I had already lost the first 5 kilos  !!

Then I hit a stride, with steady weight loss and a few well-coordinated breaks with Kath. 

Almost -10 kg later (for 1m55), I have not regained all these kilos  ! And I really thought it was impossible!

Mostly without frustration, and  by taking advantage of a few well-mastered gaps!

I will say that Kath's major strengths are  his availability, his encouragement,  his ability to adapt to each person, and his excellent knowledge of nutrition and diet. 

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