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How to travel without gaining weight? 








Do not worry, it is quite possible to take a plane or a train without regaining the weight lost so far.  


Here are some easy tips for not gaining an ounce on the go.  


Whether it is in the morning, at noon, in the evening or even at night, it is important to always take a fruit or see several on you. 

If you're feeling hungry, you'll have something to nibble on. Take a fruit that is easy to transport and does not crush:  like apple or pear. Avoid bananas which can smell very good in your bag but which can be opened easily.


Ideally: your best friend should be the tupperware.  


What to put in its box?  


  • 1 food rich in protein that can be eaten cold: Chicken, hard-boiled eggs, surimis, or turkey with 2% fat 

  • raw vegetables in sticks : cucumbers, carrots, radishes, cherry tomatoes.  


No need to add seasoning that might break open in your hand luggage.  


- If your meal is in the morning: If you can take your time for breakfast at the airport or at the station, opt for baguette with butter. In bakeries you will easily find this option to avoid pastries, sweets or cakes.  


- If your meal is at noon or in the evening: If you do not have time to prepare a Tupperware, consider buying a nice fresh salad: salad with tuna or chicken or smoked salmon.  


- If you have to grab a sandwich on the go: opt for the sandwich rich in protein: ham, chicken, tuna or egg, avoiding the cheese one.  ​

  • If you take the plane, opt for the meal tray of the plane where the quantities, even starchy foods are light. Favor the starter (often a fresh salad) and the main course (if it does not have too much sauce). Finish with dessert only if it is fresh fruit or in syrup. Try to avoid bread, cheeses, savory appetizers and cakes given in the meal trays.  


It is therefore possible to travel healthily and stay in shape, you just need to know how to make the right choices.  


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